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HulkApps is one of the best and brightest Shopify-centric development agencies in the world.

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Our goal is to advance together, while ultimately helping scale our mutual clients. Let's talk to put collective efforts that bring us fortune in the Shopify eCommerce realm. 

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What’s in Store for You

As A Partner, You Can Recommend Our Apps, Services & Packages On Your Website And In Return, Earn A Favorable Commission For Each Conversion. Why Not Take A Walk Through Our Apps?

We work together to plan your tests
Recurring Revenue Sharing

We value our partners because we know we can become stronger and successful with continuous support from your efforts in the Shopify ecosystem. And, we would like to thank you for being with us on our journey.  We also feel overwhelmed to help you earn a competitive revenue share through transactions we make through app installs by clients. 

We design your test, you approve!
Exclusive Early Access

Gain access to our exclusive perks, and receive emails previewing new products, features & changes to the Partner Program. You’ll also receive invitations to our Partners-only informational guides, so you’re constantly “in the know” about our solutions.

We setup, deploy & run your tests
Priority Support

As a HulkApps Partner, your clients will receive priority support from our large, industry-leading Customer Success team. We follow the best practice as mentioned in the Service Level Agreement, keep our Partners on the top of the queues every time any merchant is referred to us. 

We optimize for the highest performing variation
Timely Payouts

Earnings accrued over a month are paid out to partners on the first day of every month. All payouts are done via PayPal on-time.

We ensure quick and timely responses to our valuable partners!

Let's Work Together

As a partner, you can recommend our apps, services & packages on your website and in return, earn a favorable commission for each conversion.

Loved by countless organizations

HulKApps is the power behind thousands of monthly custom work, with numerous satisfied clients across 120+ countries.

Don't Miss an Opportunity to Earn Lifetime Recurring Revenue!

As A Partner, You Can Recommend Our Apps,Services & Packages On Your Website And In Return, Earn A Favorable Commission For Each Conversion. Why Not Take A Walk Through Our Apps?

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We post dynamic guest articles on our Shopify community regularly. Check our guest post guidelines if you are keen.

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Meet our Shopify solutions and technology partners

HulkApps bring you a unique community of Solution Partners who achieve more with the leaders in the ecommerce space - from inventory to subscriptions, loyalty, personalization, customer support, marketing, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, it’s revenue sharing. Refer HulkApps to customers that you think might be interested in the apps & service and earn a slice of the revenue. Sounds fair, right? Get more answers to your questions below

HulkApps Partner program is a medium where you can offer the Apps, Services and Support, Design & Development packages to your merchants & earn reward for the same

Visit our website and complete the Partner Signup on https://partners.hulkapps.com/ . Once the signup is completed you will get access to the Partner Dashboard. You'll find a unique referral link that can be used to send your clients, friends or colleagues to refer our solutions.

You will be paid on a monthly basis and the same shall be reflected in the account you specify.

You can check the status of your Partners under the Conversions tab on your partner dashboard

A Shopify plus store holder, Multi-store Shopify agencies and Shopify merchants are our first references. Apart from them, any individual having an ample Shopify experience & holding a great reselling experience can join us anyway.

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