Build Your Own Subscription Box

Give your customers a cosmic experience in your store by allowing them to build a box of joy as per their choice while inflating your customer retention.

Give subscription flexibility with build-a-box solutions

Get out-of-the-box support for introducing a build-a-box feature with the ReCharge Subscription app & give your customer the best-in-class subscription experience .

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Update your subscription product selection regularly so your subscribers can choose from new and exciting options, swapping out and trying other products.

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Send out an email to subscribers a few days before you're planning to ship to remind them to adjust or add more to their order.

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Keep your subscriptions fresh & give customers a heads up that they can add more.

Increase customer retention and average order value

We've mastered the art of setting up a fully-customizable, build-a-box style subscription for any store.

When subscribers have the power to easily adjust their next order — and even skip one all together — they might be less likely to unsubscribe.

With Custom box subscriptions you get an opportunity to interact with your audiences they may not have been familiar with before.

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Subscriptions can frustrate consumers if they feel like their "control of purchase decisions has been lost". Put extra efforts to retain them.

Allow consumers to select new and exciting options which inturn will enable you to stay up to date with changing consumer interests.

Build-a-box subscription examples

A build-a-box style subscription lets customers choose exactly what they want in their box, helping you build a better relationship with them.

Set up a build-a-box subscription

Build-a-box functionality will make you more money. When you are ready to execute it, we'd love to help.





Custom subscription box funnel setup
Advisor/Consultant Shared Shared
ReCharge Solution Expert Team Shared Dedicated
Project Coordinator Shared Dedicated
Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer Shared Dedicated
Planning Sessions on custom funnels 2 Hrs 4 Hrs
Turnaround Time 2 Days 24 Hrs

We believe Subscriptions make better businesses

We've spent 2+ years playing with subscriptions, putting-up relevant upsells and cross-sells, cancellation preventions, win backs, loyalty, etc for a delightful post-purchase experience.

Recharge your customer's experience

HulkApps offers a compelling and rich subscriber experience on the dashboard that could recharge your customer. From simple upsell implementation to 1-click reorder flexibilities, we've got you covered!

Helping you acquire more subscribers

When we say we’ll be there every step of the way,we mean it! Whether you are looking for new subscribers or retain the current subscribers, HulkApps got you covered. We leave nothing behind to help increase your average order value and convert more $ into recurring sales.

Behind the scenes subscriptions automation!

Whether you're just starting out or already into a subscription business, our recipes are built to serve you at every step. From automatically syncronizing address updates from Shopify to ReCharge to custom order sequencing, we try to minimize your effort and the need for support

Put subscriptions at the forefront of your store




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