Grow your conversion rate by getting customers to trust you by premium trust badges. No hidden charges! Get customers to trust you with visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. Match your store design with professionally crafted trust badges and functional trust badges on homepage.

About Shopify Trust Badges App

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a trust-instilling badge that you may display on your website. There are types of trust & payment badges that you may use on your site. Each has its own significance and application. You may choose which trust badges to put on your site based on the impression you want to accomplish.

he app has a plethora of Trust seals for you to utilise. You will undoubtedly discover the one you want. Furthermore, the app provides 150+ payment badges for you to add and display in your store. Simply choose a badge from the ready-to-use badges library and add it to your storefront.

Follow this quick guide to add the trust badges  & payment badges in your store front.

In that case, you may use our Badge Master app to upload a custom badge.

You may add trust or payment badges to your Product pages, Cart page, Footer page, and Checkout page with HulkApps Trust Badge Master app.

Indeed. When visitors were asked which factors help them decide whether or not to trust a website, a recent study confirmed the power of trust seals.

Here's a list of each type of trust badge that e-commerce business owners may use to boost trust.

  • Free Shipping Badges

  • Payment Badges

  • Money Back Guarantee Badges

  • Third-party endorsements, Badges and more.


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