Replenishment Reminder Flow From Klaviyo in Shopify

Your job to reach a massive audience isn’t done once a customer has completed a purchase. If you're retailing products that your customers need to purchase repeatedly in a span of a time frame, a replenishment flow can nurture customers at different points in their life cycles. Alongside other post-purchase emails, replenishment reminders and cross-sell emails can be the best way to boost the average customer lifetime value by encouraging them to come back and buy from your store again.

With the help of HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts, you can review your existing purchase data and determine the buying cycles of your customers and products, then set up a perfect replenishment reminder flow from Klaviyo to target purchasers with a friendly and well-timed reminder.

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Renew the Customer Journey

Are you seeking new ways to build customer loyalty and refine Klaviyo contact profiles with more personal data? No worries. The Klaviyo Shopify Flow Library has a range of pre-built flows that span the customer lifecycle. Replenishment emails are especially useful for businesses that sell products with a definite shelf life. The idea is to anticipate your customers’ needs. A perfectly targeted and personalized replenishment reminder flow will humanize the brand, reinforces a connection between you and the customer, and calls the consumer back to repurchase. The replenishment reminder flow template from klaviyo features a replenishment email with a link to automatically rebuild a shopper’s last cart. Customize the timing in this flow based on your buyer’s cycle and

  • Start driving repeat sales
  • Make more loyal customers
  • Create a recurring revenue

Peg a replenishment email at the right times

Sending a perfectly timed replenishment reminder could result in an easy conversion. By configuring the perfect replenishment email template with help from Hulkapps Shopify Klaviyo Experts, you will be able to send a reminder based on how often customers need to buy a replacement. Also, if there’s a newer version of that product, you can easily upsell the product.

Create a flow with best practices

Being a store owner or manager, you would like to entice your existing customers to purchase again. According to a Listrack study, replenishment reminder campaigns have the highest click-to-open rate of any type of lifecycle email. Following the replenishment email flow best practices with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts will build better customer retention.

Prevent churn by reaching customers with messages

Aside from the featured product, you should also include similar or cross-sell products automatically with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo Experts support towards the bottom of your email. Here, it provides more optionality for the customer who may want to switch up the product.

Take your marketing to the next level with Klaviyo

To send Replenishment Reminder email from Klaviyo in Shopify is a great email strategy that will yield better lifetime values, higher conversion rates, and immediately open new lines of revenue. It is quite a tricky and complicated klaviyo flow that only experts like HulkApps can handle. Look for our comprehensive prices that are suitable for all business types.

  • Setup Replenishment Reminder Flow
  • Klaviyo Shopify Integration
  • Klaviyo Expert
  • Advisor/Consultant
  • Shopify Developers
  • Project Coordinator
  • Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer
  • Planning Sessions on Email Automation flow
  • Post-launch Support

Designed for growth-minded Shopify merchants, Klaviyo gives you tons of options to avail of email marketing benefits. Using the right approach of integrating will result in better deliverability, better outcomes, and more revenue. Work with our Shopify Klaviyo Experts team to plan and implement other advanced Klaviyo strategies that will drive more profits and better customer lifetime values. We’ll kick things off with a ticket raised to talk about the kinds of conversations you’d like to have with your customers to increase engagement and sales.

Create Email flows that lift your brand

Step 1

Connect your store

HulkApps serves 50+ Klaviyo services that can be integrated into your Shopify Store.

Step 2

Choose what to send

Select the HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo services to keep your customers in the loop.

Step 3

Stay on brand

Start with our service, then add some brand personality.

Step 4

Update shoppers

Once you turn on the above Klaviyo Shopify flow, your shoppers will receive email updates.

Start Keeping Your Customers in the Know

In addition to everything above, we’re offering a Shopify subscription, Google Analytics, theme customization, and more other services, that will build up your store-level high. And of course, we’ll be making sure best practices are being implemented end to end.

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