Recharge Subscriptions: Quick Actions (2021)

Treasure all the new Recharge Subscription to optimize your online business on Shopify Plus. We give you more control with Recharge Shopify Payments that offers your subscribers a profoundly immersive experience with the brand new feature of Quick Actions.

  • Reactive subscription & discount code
  • Klaviyo emails and texts
  • Reactive subscription & one-time product
  • Passcode-compliant security

Quick Actions - not just newer, more powerful to transform the post-purchase experience

Get a suite of powerful tools designed to match your subscription strategies.

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Subscription Reactivation

Get Klaviyo to send a targeted ‘We’ll miss you!’ email right in your subscriber's inbox, giving them a quicker way to reactive the subscription when they want to.

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Run a skip

The subscribers portal gives your subscribers a chance to ‘skip next order’- an effective way to increase subscribers' lifetime value and avoid cancellations.

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Intuitive UX

It is a streamlined experience for your subscribers. Simple yet intuitive subscription UX helps customers add new flavors while swapping products without changing the entire SKU.

Turn your subscribers portal into the fastest conversion engine with help from our experts

Get the power of Quick Actions. Give your subscribers the ability to purchase at lightning speed. Employ, enable and grow faster in the subscription ecosystem.

One-time Products

One-time product API is the fastest way to let your subscribers add one-time products to the next order. Notify your subscribers with SMS or emails and increase sales.


Apply discounts to different Recharge recurring billing and subscriptions for different targeted audiences, generating you good monthly revenues.

Order Now

Maximize order now on the subscribers portal for those who want to buy now. Just set your next recharge date, and it is ready to use.

Easy Navigation

Get your subscribers through to any page and view them. It is simple to set the subscription date, change products and edit any action as needed.

Subscriber Retention Stories with Quick Actions & Klaviyo

HulkApps offers a compelling and hassle-free experience of powerful communications. We work with our clients to reimagine subscribers' engagement with Quick Actions & Klaviyo. See Klaviyo in action!

Enhance AOV

Greet your subscribers with a welcome email or send them a greeting SMS. Embedded links of subscription upgrades and one-time products get you more opportunities to increase average order value.

Upsell & Cross-sell Optimization

Upcoming order trigger email is an excellent way to optimize upsell and cross-sell. Automate this important trigger on a monthly basis and urge your subscribers to buy varied levels of options like one-time products.

Win Back Cancellations

As soon as your subscribers cancel a subscription, connect immediately and tell them you miss them and intrigue them to win back cancellations. A link to ‘reactivate my subscription’ may lure them and activate the account again.

Need support to implement Quick Actions?

We know how amicably to apply all Recharge subscription capabilities to your store. We give your customers the ability to add quick orders and, in turn, never letting you miss a sale.

  • Allotted Hours Per Month
  • Shopify Developers
  • Ruby/PHP Developer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Technology stack consultations
  • Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer
  • Advisor/Consultant
  • Planning Sessions on Quick Actions

We believe Subscriptions do better for businesses.

We've been making efforts to create upsell & cross-sell with subscriptions & put up cancellation restraint, loyalty, win-back, and much more to turn your business into a pleasant profit-making eCommerce engine.

Recharge your customer's experience

Recharge your customer's experience

HulkApps offers a compelling and rich subscriber experience on the dashboard that could recharge your customer. We've covered everything for our clients, right from the simple upsell to one-click reorder.

Helping you acquire more subscribers

Helping you acquire more subscribers

We are with you every step of the way. HulkApps enables you to build a thriving subscription business by providing extensive support that assists you in retaining new subscribers or developing exciting relationships with new customers.

Behind the scenes subscriptions automation

Behind the scenes subscriptions automation!

Our Recharge Recipes are designed to help you build a successful recurring business regardless of whether your subscription model is new or existing. Right from the Shopify-Recharge sync to custom order sequencing, we reduce the need for support and extra effort.

Put subscriptions at the forefront of your store


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