Shopify Plus Scripts
Scripts are micro-customizations that let you write your own code to address the complex needs of enterprise-level merchants.

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It can be an overwhelming sentence for eCommerce merchants: “Buy one, get one free.” Most back-end systems make you choose between high accessibility and versatility, at the cost of adaptability. In this day and age, that just doesn’t work. Scripts give stores a way to write custom Ruby that is run on Shopify’s servers and affects carts at an essential level, meaning things like line item level discounts can be applied, without the sort of hackery that existing applications have to perform.

Advertising promotions to clients helps drive traffic and make dependability among clients, but figuring out the foremost successful and proficient way to hand out these rewards, particularly for huge shippers, can be a challenge.

Our team of experts has made these fantastically vital promotions reasonable, basic to utilize, and built it in a way that doesn’t slow down a merchant’s online store.

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