Bold Commerce Integration

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Giving merchants the power to customize their store with superior Bold Commerce integration to ensure you have the expertise, support, and resources you need for your store to reach their full potential.

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Hulk & Bold Commerce

Hulk’s deep integration with Bold Commerce helps merchants to get up & running with the Bold Apps in no time! Using our experts' technical skills, merchants have the ability to customize the Bold Apps based on functionality and requirement.

Integration Overview

Bold Commerce builds powerful, flexible, and customizable eCommerce apps that make your online store more powerful.

Whether you need to increase your sales, sell subscriptions, customize your checkout, or anything in between, Bold apps work together to bring out your business’s full potential.

Setup & Configure Bold Subscription

There are thousands of apps in Shopify that will cater to different implementation instructions, levels of customization, and complexity.

We will add functionality to your store by installing & configuring an existing Bold Subscription app, integrated to the theme you're using, so they look and feel as part of your store. Nevertheless, our Shopify experts will customize the app as per your unique situation.

Setup & Configure Bold Options

Do you offer custom products like T-Shirts that have many custom options? Or are you exceeding the Shopify variation limit (of 100 total variations)? Bold Apps Product Options allows you to create an unlimited number of product variations and options for your Shopify store.

We’ll setup your product option groups, assign products to groups, and get you products fully launched.

Setup & Configure Bold Quantity Breaks

Do you offer your customers a discount when they purchase multiple quantities of the same product? Bold Apps Quantity Breaks is a great app for boosting the quantity your customers purchase by offering discounts.

We’ll setup and launch the Bold Apps Quantity app on your Shopify store and get your pricing discounts added and launched for your customers to use.

All Bold Apps Set up and Customizations

We’re partnered with Bold Apps to install, setup, and expand your Shopify store functionality. We install and setup Bold apps from the Shopify App Store - Plus everything needed to get the app fully setup including all settings, options, code, and support.

We have all type of BOLD app support

Bold Standard


1 Day Turnaround

Bold Standard


Turnaround time

1 day

Install and setup support for Bold Apps

Bold Options setup & configuration

Bold Subscription setup & configuration

Bold payment setup




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