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Elevated customer experience is all you need to keep your customers coming back to your Shopify store again and again. Storefront customization, personalized checkout, shipping tracking, and more such extended functionality bring a seamless experience and build scalability.

Product Options

Product options are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce, and it's impossible to shop for certain products without them. Apparel comes in multiple sizes and colors, the furniture comes in different wood finishes, and bed linens come in different patterns; the list goes on and on.

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Volume Discounts

The Volume & Tiered Discounts app by HulkApps is one of the easiest ways to set up discounted pricing campaigns across your entire product catalog. Whether your goal is to start a wholesaler program, entice new customer, or just reward loyal and repeat purchasers, Volume & Tiered Discounts is right for you.

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Form Builder

If you need forms for generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, track page views, &more, Form Builder is for you. Trusted by thousands, this form maker helps you build Unlimited Forms with ease and hassle-free. Embed just one snippet of code and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Take control of things that determine the look and feel of your Shopify store. Shopify themes help you keep your storefront consistent with your brand all while making it more intuitive for your users. Get more flexibility with customization.

Chicago Shopify Theme

Chicago is the windy city and there is nothing windy about this theme. This theme is for the witty and stylish, with its easy-on-the-eye layout with simple to navigate features, you can create your very own online hub for finance and excellence. The Geneva preset is perfect for any high end fashion store and the easy-to-navigate drop-down-menus get people to your products in a matter of seconds. Going the stylish way has never been easier than with this Chicago theme.

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Jaipur Shopify Theme

If you like sophistication; this theme is perfect for you. The true majesty of the country with billions captivates anyone and the perfect blend of creativity makes this theme work for almost any product. With its easy-to-navigate menu bar and easy to locate shop, shoppers can dive in quickly and find what they need. The added blog is great for people to add more sophistication and perhaps turn this into an online megastore.

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Moscow Shopify Theme

The Moscow theme comes a lot warmer than the city, with an easy-to-use sidebar, navigation has never been easier. The huge picture makes it easy to show some stunning new fashion designs and the gallery-like-display gives the opportunity to sell almost anything to anyone. The white theme is calculated and organized and anyone entering will know exactly where to find what they are looking for. The easy-to-use search function keeps even the most technologically incompetent person from getting lost.

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What prompts your buyers to shop with you, what makes them leave your site without making a purchase - all you need to test to uncover insights into what works for you and what not. Get the accurate value of your ad spend using comprehensive Shopify A/B testing.

Managing subscriptions along with recurring payments efficiently gives your business steady growth. Integrate ReCharge with your Shopify checkout, enable your customers the flexibility to choose as many subscription models they need and keep building an exciting customer journey.

Check customer activity. We make it easy to help you build a Cohort Tracking dashboard.

Increase chances to earn more. We can create auto-retrial functionality and keep luring your customers.

Reach out to us because we know the best practice to create automated subscriptions discounts.

Add post-purchase upsell at checkout. We help you sell more to your customers.

Create exciting promos for bundles. We make it happen for you while you earn more.

Integrate Shopify with Recharge- We do it perfectly to apply discount sync on both platforms.

Enjoy the flexibility to sell recurring orders right through your Shopify checkout. Build subscription models on the checkout, manage one-time products or subscriptions altogether without the hassle of maintaining different checkouts.

Use auto-retrial in your Shopify Subscription checkout. It is easy and fast.

Make a specialized analysis per group of people using cohort analysis. Let us include it in your dashboard.

Lure more customers and sell more by creating an automated subscription discount.

Get a powerful post-purchase upsell functionality. We setup it amazingly for you.

Create promos for bundles, making it easy for you to sell different products at a time.

Discount sync reflects the same info on the Shopify backend and checkout.

Unprecedented actions your store is generating every moment- someone doing a product search, using a wishlist, going straight to checkout, and adding products to the cart. For every action you have on your store, We help you optimize customer engagement using Klaviyo.

Be the special one by wishing your customers on their birthday. Automate this process with our Shopify Klaviyo experts.

Turn post-purchase emails into revenue-generating email with the shipping confirmation flow build by our Shopify Klaviyo experts

Drive more profits and better customer lifetime values with the back-in-stock flow build by our Shopify Klaviyo experts

Personally connect with your email list using the first purchase anniversary flow build by our Shopify Klaviyo experts

Add more personalization and engagement into your email strategy using the countdown to birthday series anniversary flow build by our Shopify klaviyo experts.

Resolve as many lingering hesitations using the abandoned cart reminder flow build by our Shopify klaviyo experts.

Not all Shopify stores are made equal. Not all packages can meet complicated merchants’ needs. HulkApps offers custom Shopify packages with customer demands in mind. Choose the package that works for you.

Shopify - Quick Launch Kit

Quick Launch Kit

Keeping up with small to heavy customization needs for businesses, with plans that are made-to-order, at a fraction of a cost.

Shopify - Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts

Pay one low monthly fee, and we'll build unique scripts that allows you to create promotions right at your time.

Shopify - Shopify Development Support

Shopify Development Support

Opportunity for businesses to get dedicated resources for growing business with ongoing support.

We know that Shopify store launch is not everything. Merchants need maintenance and support for persistent operations. You relax while we take care of website uptime, domain performance, checkout log reviews, and more such services to keep your store running smoothly.

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