Opportunity for businesses to get dedicated resources for growing business with ongoing support.

Shopify Development support

We're here to help you build the Shopify store of your dreams!

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We have a complete understanding of Shopify and full expertise on the finest practices for an e-commerce store. We use data-driven strategies to assess your requirements and help you build fast with the right tools. 

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How It Works

Just ask us. We provide you with our dedicated resources you can use like your own. Starting from 10 hours per month, your allocated hours can be used for back-end or front-end development, or for design work.

Shopify - Step-1

Step 1

Describe, Allocate Time & Assign Work!

Tell us what you need and submit a request through our custom Project Management Dashboard.

Shopify - Step-2

Step 2

Give Feedback, Get Revisions!

Receive your requested changes. In case we miss something or if you're not completely satisfied reply with the revisions.

Shopify - Step-3

Step 3

Approve and Publish Changes!

Collaborate and get more done! Work is marked completed when we match your expectations!

We Turn Shopify 'stores' Into 'brands'.

What It's Like Working With Us

Managing your Shopify store can be very demanding & we're proud to have worked with our merchants from all around the world.

Benefits of Working With HulkApps

More efficient way of working together on a longer term basis. Knowing in advance your monthly allotment of hours allows you to:

  • Gain access to every level of Shopify design, development, and customization at a blended rate
  • Eliminate unexpected costs costs by reducing change management charges
  • Benefit from a predictable, annual budget
  • Have flexibility to perform the enhancements and upgrades that matter most to your business – when they matter most
  • Full transparency by sharing your support hours usage regularly
  • Guaranteed response times to issues since your agreed priority support hours are included in our monthly schedule

How We Compare

With HulkApps Packages, you gain access to senior Shopify development, design, project management experts at one blended rate to help you meet all of your ongoing web needs and business goals.

Shopify - <b>HulkApps Packages</b>
HulkApps Packages
  • PHP/Ruby/Node Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Project Coordinators
  • QA Testing Team
  • Shopify Experts
Shopify - <b>Freelancer/Full-time Staff</b>
Freelancer/Full-time Staff
  • PHP/Ruby Developer: $73k
  • Web Designer: $83k
  • Project Coordinator: $75k
  • QA Tester: $80k
  • Shopify Developer: $70k

*Salary figures are national average results on GlassDoor.com. All numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

What Other Customers Use Us For

Explore a wide-range of services from Marketing to Store Setup. Just place an order with us and get your work done by our Shopify Experts. Starting from $19.

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Monthly Allocated Hours

30 hr/mo

50 hr/mo

100 hr/mo

Access to our Premium Support

Shopify Developers




Project Managers




Ruby/PHP Developer




Monthly consulting with our CRO, Brand and eCommerce experts

2 Hours

2 Hours

4 Hours

Business Turnaround time

24 Hours

12 Hours

8 Hours

24/7/365 Support (coming soon)

Access to Shopify Plus Scripts Library

Access to our Shared Assets Library

Private App development

Monthly scheduled site analytics & site performance

Bi-monthly Planning Session

Weekly Progress Report

Access to Digital Marketing Specialist

Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer

Post-launch support

Access to all HulkApps paid versions




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