Switching a platform will be full of myriad complexities. Ecommerce stores know they are in for motions with the migration! And when it comes to Magento to Shopify Migration, a company knows that all the hassle is worth the end product. You can't beat around the bush realizing that Magento 's vulnerability is petrifying you and already on Shopify fills the coffers of your competition.

Fears like 'sales will be destroyed,' 'traffic will be disrupted' are legitimate. Carnivore Club shared similar anxieties. Still, we've to remember: In the prick of a needle lies our cure!

Common Objections to Website Migration


"I've already invested too much time and money into my site"

We often hear this statement, and quite frankly, I completely understand! Naturally you'll be reluctant to change because of the money, time, and energy you've already invested in your current platform. It's a tricky thing to let go of. If you added up the amount of time and money spent on developing and generally operating the website over time, the broader picture shows that although a website migration will cost money in the short term, over time you will see that migrating to Shopify or Shopify Plus can actually save you money; eliminating hosting, development and maintenance costs.

"Won't a platform migration take 12 months or more?"

This is a common misconception when it comes to platform migration.

The reality is that with a prepared strategy and the right team in place, project migrations will take 3-4 months depending on the project's size. Additional development for enhanced functionality are variables that could prolong the timeline, or spend time developing your SEO marketing strategy.

"The timing is just not right for us at the moment."

This is possibly one of the most common objections I encounter. There are several reasons that are posed to justify the time being wrong: budget, other ongoing programs, lack of resources, etc.

The questions that we are asking are: when are you feeling like a good time? How do you know the business won't expand exponentially over the next 6-12 months and will your website be able to cope with the rise over traffic and orders if that happens?

The response is, you 'd not. Enter the term "futureproof" Your rivals may have already completed a move to Shopify, joining the hundreds of thousands of retailers using it already. Today, they 're not going to have to think about rising catering-Shopify grows with you. They won't need to worry about development costs, server or hosting costs, and much more because Shopify is the solution for it all.


History:The Carnivore Club

The site was originally launched in late 2013 on Magento. It was the platform that would grow with the business and give the most flexibility, at least that's what they first thought. But, soon they begin facing a few issues which were of course unadaptable for the company.

While preparing to migrate the Carnivore Club to Shopify, fears didn't vanish, which wasn't surprising. What will happen to the customer information, order history, payment data when we migrate to Shopify, our client would say.

Things begin to take shape, slowly but certainly and we migrate Carnivore Club to Shopify from Magento. They heave a sigh of relief when they see Shopify handle immense traffic seamlessly. When they look back, they see it as a decision well taken, and are all praise for Shopify.

Let us walk you through the reasons why they wanted to move away from Magento and how we helped them move their store to Shopify.


Discount Codes

Unusual discount codes behavior that doesn't verify if the discount code was applied or not. Even on the customer's end, it was not clear enough if the discount codes they used had been applied to their purchase or not.

Rescuer: Shopify's Discount Functionality

It'll make it easier for them to create & manage the discount codes with the in-built discount functionality.


Gift Card

Though the customers are gifted with a gift card, they were not able to checkout with a gift card if their balance is $0. In this case, the team has to manually transfer the balance to a store credit while canceling the gift card.

Rescuer: Shopify's gift card

Shopify has a predefined Gift Card feature that reduces all the additional hassles when it comes to offering Gift cards.


Gift Notes

Though customers provide a Gift note with the Gifts, the gift notes were not received with the boxes. Managing gift notes with Magento is something that couldn't have been possible for the team.

Rescuer: Giftotter App by HulkApps

Giftotter is a subscription-based app that also allows a gifter to add a gift note for the receiver and many more. Thus, again the hassle of managing Gift notes is no more for the team :)


Password Reset

Whenever a user tried to reset the password, after receiving the "Forgot Password" email, the page didn't load for many customers. Moreover, the Carnivore Club team was also able to reset the password on behalf of their customer because it required their original password.

Rescuer: Store Utility App

With the Store Utility App, it has now become easier for the customers to reset their passwords in no time!

Issue #5

Postponing Boxes

In Magento, the customers were not being able to postpone their boxes.

Rescuer: The Recharge App - GiftOtter App by HulkApps

With the GiftOtter App, users are provided with a dashboard that now allows them to do things they have never done before. From rescheduling to canceling, It's a no time job.



It was not possible to initiate the refund immediately with Magento, it took at least 24 hours.

Rescuer: Shopify's Refund Feature

Shopify's refund feature allows the team to initiate the refund on an immediate basis after receiving a refund request.

Words by Mr. John Roman, "Magento did not provide the data and analytics that the business required to make accurate decisions to assist in growth. Anytime we required specific data or site changes, it was a 'giant dev lift' that was both costly and often broke parts of the site. The site regularly had issues that put the business on defense (to fix) instead of being on offense (focused on growth)."

Hence they decided to re-platform their eCommerce site and hopefully last time in the company's online history.

The company migrated from Magento to Shopify Plus, an enterprise eCommerce solution, for high volume merchants who desire a flexible platform and can be customized quickly.

How we moved from Magento to Shopify

Moving away from Magento to Shopify is a fairly straightforward process although it does require developer expertise to carry out.

Shopify's admin panel provides an excellent import tool to allow administrators to import products and customers but you need the Shopify API to import other things such as orders.

For The Carnivore Club, we wrote custom PHP scripts to sort through and export the Magento website database and to automatically import each product, customer and order into the new Shopify store, preserving a record of every transaction.

For customer, accounts there isn't a way to transfer user passwords between two different systems as these are encrypted. So, as soon as all other data was synced and the Shopify store was ready to go live, existing users were emailed to notify them that their old login details would no longer work, inviting them to set up their new accounts on the new Shopify platform, making it as painless as possible for the end-user.

To make it a hassle-free migration process, we've made use of one of our inhouse Shopify Migration App - Easy Store Migration to migrate Products, Customers, Orders, Discount Codes & Gift Cards

In addition to the Easy Store Integration that allows Carnivore Club to manage redirects, the Makers credit a dramatically improved customer experience powered by a handful of applications for accelerating conversions and sales:
GiftOtter - A Gifting subscription app that allows a hassle-free subscription.

Product Reviews - an embedded review application that not only allows merchants to easily and cost-effectively generate social proof with customer photo reviews on their sites.

Mr. John Roman Says, "We work with WolfPoint for all of our Shopify sites, which is arguably the best agency out there for Shopify development. We know what we get with WolfPoint, and we can be confident that our site will be optimized and efficient, so we can focus on growth!"

Let the numbers speak!

The Carnivore Club has 2 different stores for Canada & the USA. Hence, our team undertook migration for both the stores. Here are the number of URLs we've migrated from Magento to Shopify for The Carnivore Club.

US Store:

Customers: 38390

Gift Cards: 55

Orders: 63707

Products: 286

Discount Codes: 120

CA Store:

Customers: 47912

Gift Cards: 55

Orders: 72803

Products: 327

Discount Codes: 119

Kudos to the team 🙌

Enjoying the fruits of our efforts

By moving to Shopify, The Carnivore Club was able to reduce their stress managing the above-mentioned issues. With Shopify handling all of this and more straight out of the box it allowed them to concentrate on what they're good at, selling products.

Clients have taken a multitude of different paths to making their online store a success. Some intend to start out with Shopify and move on to Magento after the first year and others actually end up changing their mind to instead stay with Shopify. There are obviously a number of factors that contribute to such a decision but the bottom line, it's a choice that has to be right for the business and what it wants to achieve.

Smart reasons to Migrate to Shopify

Shopify is arguably one of the fastest, most user-friendly and most flexible eCommerce platforms on the market to date, competing with eCommerce platforms around from the start. Growing over the last 15 years and now powering more than 800,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify has changed the world of eCommerce for the better by changing the way companies sell their products online.

Here's why migrating to Shopify could be the right move for you:

Hosting and Managed Services

With Shopify, you benefit from Shopify's rock-solid architecture, with 99.8% uptime and unlimited bandwidth handling increases in site traffic. To reduce any downtime, Shopify is constantly updating their servers. This in turn saves time and money on hosting and maintaining the site.


Security in eCommerce is a big deal. Making customers feel secure when buying from your store is essential. Carrying out regular risk and compliance assessments on your store, Shopify ensures your store is PCI Compliant without you needing to schedule a regular evaluation yourself.


Shopify offers an easy to use interface which enables merchants to update their site and make changes instantly without having to schedule them months in advance with a developer, through a menu-driven editor. Not only this, but Shopify also has a comprehensive dashboard where you'll be able to monitor sales, orders, and your audience.


With Shopify, scaling is accomplished much more easily than having to architect a solution to accommodate the single highest peak in traffic. Instead it is handled entirely by Shopify's team of developers and programmers. Shopify Plus offers unlimited scaling and extensive APIs, so it's perfect if you need a platform that has the ability to grow and evolve in tandem with your business.

24/7 Priority Technical Support

Get your platform questions answered quickly by phone, email, or chat, day or night with Shopify's support team. Experts are able to troubleshoot any problems and find the best solution.


Shopify is now over 15 years old and during that time has built a huge community of designers, developers, and business owners throughout the world.

The Shopify Migration Experts - HulkApps

We know the platform inside and out, as a globally respected Shopify Plus agency. Not only that, but we have partnered with several businesses on many platforms over the past 6 years, and have successfully completed Magento migrations and WordPress migrations on both Shopify and Shopify Plus.

We've spent years perfecting the process of platform migration to make it seamless and efficient. We've even gained the expertise to take the pain out of one of the key elements of platform migration: 301 redirects and 404-page errors. Our migration experts fix 301 redirects quickly and easily and let you manage 404 errors on an ongoing basis to ensure your visitors don't land on dead links and leave your site to buy elsewhere.

Allow us to talk you through your migration options and how your site could be moved on to a more stable and secure platform, which won't only save you money but will free up your time to concentrate on running your business, not just your website.

Buy one of our migration services based on the platform listed below let's make that first move together!

Our Shopify migration services include migration of the following data and workflows:

  • Products
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Variants
  • Custom Fields
  • Downloadable Products
  • Pricing/Inventory Rules
  • Strip HTML Styling
  • SEO Settings
  • Content Pages
  • Reviews
  • Orders
  • Taxes
  • Coupon Codes
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Item Category Images
  • Customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer Images
  • Other Images

Over to you!

Are you planning to migrate your Magento site to Shopify? As a top Shopify Migration Agency, HulkApps offers top-notch Magento to Shopify Migration Service. Take a walk through our site migration service catalog to start migrating your eCommerce store to Shopify at the earliest.

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