Post Purchase Follow up Flow From Klaviyo in Shopify

As a business person, there are few things better than knowing you’ve just made a sale. That all the work you’ve put into acquiring a new customer has paid off. Knowing that your efforts are working, you might be thinking that all you have to do is ship the order and then you can kick back, relax, and wait until the next order comes through. Besides, making a sale to be your endpoint, it's also the beginning point to develop a relationship with the customer.

The good news is that the relationship is easily nurtured with the Klaviyo automated post-purchase email campaign. All you should be doing is to construct the post-purchase Followup flow from Klaviyo once with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts support. And then every time a customer makes a purchase, they’ll receive the emails that will enhance your brand relationship and keep them coming back.

Make a Schedule Klaviyo Services

Reach out at the right times

Don’t sacrifice customer experiences with basic automation email flows. One of the most notable attributes about Klaviyo is its intuitive, user-friendly, drag-and-drop automation builder, which allows you to tailor your customer journey with your brand using real-time data and behavior triggers. Regardless of what you sell or whether it’s a repeat customer or first-time buyer, a post-purchase follow-up is required. Setting up a post-purchase follow-up email klaviyo is a good way to ensure you stay relevant, improve your customers’ review, and boost your sales.

  • Increasing your customer retention rates
  • Incentivize your new products
  • Strengthen your relationships with feedback.

The Order Confirmation

It might sound obvious, but the first email you got to send your customers right after purchase is an order confirmation. Immediately upon completing their transaction, customers will head straight to their mail inbox to make sure that everything went through smoothly. To ease out any miscommunication and reduce the number of people reaching out to you, ensure you set up an order confirmation flow from Klaviyo in Shopify with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo Experts support to make it automatic.

Thank You For Your Purchase

After your customer has received their desired order, it’s nice to send an email thanking them for their purchase, by using Klaviyo in Shopify and HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo Experts support. Doing so - it humanizes your e-store and shows your customer that they’re not just buying from a faceless website.

Product Review Request

It might seem surprising your customer will become much more loyal in the long term if you are actively reaching out and fixing any issues they had faced. To help you understand every customers' thought about your product, it is better to set up an automated product review request from klaviyo in Shopify with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo Experts support. Doing so also helps prevent future customers from experiencing the same issues.

Retain more customers with Klaviyo

Keeping your customers happy and interested in your content is the sales force your business needs to grow without spending any money on customer acquisition. Achieve this by creating post-purchase follow-up flow from Klaviyo in Shopify with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts support.

  • Setup Post Purchase Followup Flow
  • Klaviyo Shopify Integration
  • Klaviyo Expert
  • Advisor/Consultant
  • Shopify Developers
  • Project Coordinator
  • Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer
  • Planning Sessions on Email Automation flow
  • Post-launch Support

The best way to extend customer lifetime value (LTV) is to provide a great experience for your customers. Engaging with them in a post-purchase follow-up email campaign is an incredible way to do so. Not only does this enhance customer satisfaction, but also allows you to boost your e-commerce sales. Work with our Shopify Klaviyo Experts team to plan and implement this flow and other advanced Klaviyo strategies that will drive more profits and better customer lifetime values. We’ll boot things off with a ticket raised to talk about the kinds of conversations you’d like to have with your customers to increase engagement and sales.

Create Email flows that lift your brand

Step 1

Connect your store

HulkApps serves 50+ Klaviyo services that can be integrated into your Shopify Store.

Step 2

Choose what to send

Select the HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo services to keep your customers in the loop.

Step 3

Stay on brand

Start with our service, then add some brand personality.

Step 4

Update shoppers

Once you turn on the above Klaviyo Shopify flow, your shoppers will receive email updates.

Start Keeping Your Customers in the Know

In addition to everything above, we’re offering a Shopify subscription, Google Analytics, theme customization, and more other services, that will build up your store-level high. And of course, we’ll be making sure best practices are being implemented end to end.

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