The future belongs to those who dare to innovate.

Here at HulkApps, we are relentlessly exploring new ways of connecting Shopify merchants and Ecommerce agencies to find resources to help them grow in every area of business. We are fully committed to going above and beyond. 

We publish articles written by our in-house team, along with the occasional guest blog [experts from their field], to augment the availability of Ecommerce data analysis.

If you would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you as we enjoy diversity in voice and perspective. 

Our Major Focused Content Topics are as follows:

  • Simplify the Marketing, Advertising for Shopify Merchants,
  • Best practices for Shopify Merchants,
  • E-commerce Tools and Technology, and 
  • Any article with lots of insights related to Shopify.  

    Note: We will update the list over time, so certainly check back in the future.

    Guest Post Quality Guidelines

    1. Content must be “actionable + reference”.

    2. The content should be 100% original, ideally 700 - 1500 words.

    3. Well researched and structured data with all supporting links, examples, and screenshots wherever needed.

    4. Format your post for better readability and SEO.

    5. Provide proper credit wherever needed.

    Your Content = Questions Answered

    The information furnished should be able to provide deep insights into the topic and answer all the possible questions of Shopify Merchant. Here's a sneak into our expectation:

      If you want, be creative and have fun. Be thoughtful and analytical about the content you produce. 

      How to Submit a Guest Post?

      Please fill in the form below or send an email to the editor-in-chief: Start the Subject line with GUEST POST.

      • Tell about yourself and share your portfolio (If any). 
      • Pitch your best thoughts[1+] to help Shopify and eCommerce Merchants.  

      Critique your work always and use best practices where appropriate. We are happy to receive all guest posts, but posts have to be relevant and unique. It cannot contain any wrongful/ odd linking, dofollow, nofollow, and your post may be edited to improve readability, to remove or modify mentions of specific products or brands, or to add relevant internal and external links.