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Our service includes changes to your store by our team, time allocated for communication and a maximum of 2 revisions. Once work has commenced, we are unable to answer additional questions unrelated to the customization within the same ticket. Additional changes or questions require additional requests for our team. Please send all additional requests and questions via our support form.

Once a customization request is accepted and its invoice has been paid, changes will be made to a duplicate copy of your currently published theme. This is done to ensure that your live store will be free of issues while customizations are being performed. Please keep the unedited version of the theme saved as a backup.

While the customization is being completed, please do not alter your live theme file or the backup theme file we have created. We are not responsible for the adding of the customizations to additional theme files. We will not move customizations to different versions of your theme file.

Prices for customizations include the work being performed as well as the time for communicating with you while the changes are made.

We reserve the right to limit the amount of communication required to complete the work.

The service is for one customization only. Further customizations will be considered new projects and will incur the appropriate charges.

Customizations are not transferable across other theme versions.

Customizations are not transferable across multiple theme installations.

Customizations are not transferable across multiple stores.

Our team cannot be held responsible for customized code interacting incorrectly with other third-party apps or customizations.

We do our best to ensure that customizations are done to your satisfaction; due to the amount of work involved, all sales of customizations are final.


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