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Email marketing is the practice of sending different sorts of content to a list of subscribers by means of e-mail. This content can serve to generate site traffic, leads, or indeed item signups for a business.

It's vital that a mail campaign's recipients have actually opted in to get this content, in which each newsletter offers something of value to them.

So what is Email Marketing used for?

Email marketing can be used to build trust with clients over time to turn them into repeat clients. It is additionally an effective way to keep your clients educated about new sales or promotions you're running.

People want to remain informed about your brand, and email marketing is one of the most excellent ways to stay engaged with that audience.

Fun Fact!

28% of US online customers report subscribing to store or item emails in arrange to remain educated on brands they care almost.

What is Email Automation Setup?

As opposed to email newsletters and one-off campaigns that you make and send to a whole list of people in one go, an automated email campaign is set up once and then consequently sent to a specific person when that person meets a certain trigger.

It would be really time-consuming to manually create and send an email campaign to each individual when they sign up; so instep, you set up an automated welcome email that gets sent whenever a new person joins your list.

That’s the excellence of email automation: You set up the mail once, and as people meet the trigger you defined, the email will send without any additional effort on your part. It basically “automates” your mail marketing for you. Score!

Hire us for effortless Email Automation Setup

One of the only potential downsides to email marketing setup is that it can be time-consuming. That’s why you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency like us to take care of all your email marketing needs!

Our approach to Email Automation Setup

  • Create a plan

    Experienced marketers know the first step in any good campaign is creating a blueprint for success. In this case, we’ll create a plan to guide your automation campaign.

  • Automation that's right for you

    Evaluate which type of email service provider can power your email automation and best meets your needs and budget.

  • Set up your workflow

    Once you’ve selected a system to power your email automation, next is to set up the automated email messages you want to send your subscribers.

  • Measure

    Testing and refining our efforts

Why should you opt-in for the Email Automation Setup service?

  • The right content delivered at the right time to the correct people
  • Automation that's right for you
  • Way better responsiveness to client and prospect needs
  • Less demanding nurturing of customers through sales and support cycles
  • More profound relationships with clients and better response rates
  • Higher levels of brand recognition

Drive results without having to spend time continuously working on them.

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