Shopify Shipping Calculator Setup

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Losing a customer because you couldn't provide them with the decision-making information isn't a great way to move forward. With reports stating that the average abandonment cart rate is due to the unexpected extra costs like shipping, you have got the point to improvise your store for better performance.

By showcasing clear delivery information upfront with the Shopify Shipping Calculator on the cart page, you can empower your potential buyers to make purchasing decisions before they even reach checkout.

Why do you need the Shopify Shipping Calculator for your store?

The Shopify Shipping Calculator helps you build a frictionless buying experience with total transparency on the cart page. On the cart page, customers can know the shipping cost of the order before checking out, allowing them to figure out options to reduce Shipping costs like improving AOV or subscribing to your newsletter, thus reducing the rates of abandoned checkouts.

Also, as a store owner on Shopify, you can simplify your day-to-day and fulfill orders from where you manage products, customers, and inventory with Shopify Shipping Settings Configuration service.

Benefits with HulkApps Shopify Shipping Calculator Configuration

When you configure the Shopify Shipping Calculator with HulkApps, you get a passionate in-house team of Shopify experts to work for your store. With transparency and a dedicated project manager, the Shopify Shipping Calculator Configuration is done appropriately.

Shopify: Shipping Calculator
What's included
  • Shipping configuration
  • Configuring display criteria for Shipping calculator
  • Display Shipping calculator on the cart page


More about Shopify Shipping Calculator configuration benefits:

Customers don't like paying for shipping, so surprising them in the checkout with shipping costs isn't going to win you any loyal customers. By including a Shopify shipping calculator in your shopping cart, you'll be able to give your customers an idea about what they will have to pay. 

Also, suppose you're a merchant in the dropshipping business. In that case, the Shopify Shipping Calculator can give a more precise picture clarity on the shipping charges, especially if your customers want to compare several products or want to compare products across several sites. 

Working closely with Shopify merchants in setting up strategic Shopify Shipping Calculator, it is also observed during testing that the stores with a shipping cost estimate on the cart page outperformed those that did not display any estimate.

The Shopify Shipping Calculator not only simplifies the shipping calculation, reducing abandonment cart rate, it is also noted that the app can likely nudge customers to increase their AOV and minimize shipping cost price.  

How HulkApps make your checkout customized with Shopify Shipping Calculator?

With a deep understanding of how the setup of Shopify Shipping Calculator can change things, we've assisted many Shopify merchants in achieving significant sales growth by building experiences that customers won't forget. 

Our Shopify Shipping Calculator setup experts ensure your store provides better experiences, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profit. So get one step closer to building a frictionless buying experience with the Shopify Shipping Calculator. 

Final thoughts:

Whether you want to set up your cart page with a Shopify Shipping Calculator or customize the emphasis of your free Shipping cost in the cart page, you can customize your checkout by working with our reputable Shopify Shipping Calculator configuration experts. It's not just that; we also assist in setting up an Estimated Shipping date Shopify App. So for any improvements or help in respect to Shopify Shipping, do connect with us.

Shopify Shipping Calculator Setup

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Displaying shipping costs via the Shopify Shipping calculator reduces the abandonment cart rate by showcasing transparency in your delivery system., which will eventually build customer trust and retention rate.
Well, it depends on your store strategy and the customers visiting your store. Configuring the shipping calculator on the product page or cart page will have its pros/cons to each method. Any of your choices, set up with HulkApps Shopify experts to get things done right.
Yes, adding the shipping calculator will allow your customers to understand the total order cost and not be surprised and abandon the cart.
It would be best to configure the Shipping Calculator on your store cart page with HulkApps Shopify experts to showcase how much you value your customer and build more credibility.

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