HulkApps Shopify 18+ Age verification Popup vs Age Check + Age Verification Popup by Zoomy

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak across the world, Retail Business continuity has been immensely affected across verticals from rapidly changing customer behavior to supply issues.

We’re offering a snapshot of the best app-comparison; HulkApps app and their competitive apps you can use it in your Shopify store to ease your job.

On this page, you can review the overall performance of the HulkApps 18+ Shopify Age Verification Popup and compare it with the overall performance of the Age check+Age Verification Popup app by Zappy. Based on the features they serve, we have tried to capture the user satisfaction ratings.

What’s more, you can research their features in detail to see which Shopify product options app can better deal with your company’s needs. In general, we're letting our merchants to immediately check the big picture, all the while offering you easy access to the details.

Our enthusiastic team has sweat it out to prepare reviews of all popular age verification popup app in Shopify, but among them, a few apps, one of which is the Age check+Age Verification Popup app by Zoomy caught our special attention.

What makes HulkApps Shopify Age Verification Popup a better pick

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No Coding Required

Install the app in just a few clicks, and you can display the popup withing countable minutes as it doesn't require you to writing a single line of code.

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Fully-Customized Popup

No more worries! From selecting hex colors to changing the alignment of text, styling your age verification has never been easier.

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Responsive for all Devices

No need to configure separately for mobile devices. It is fully responsive so it works and looks great on any sized desktop, tablet, and mobile device

The unlimited Free Age Verification Popup gives you a great start!

As stated earlier, with multiple apps in the Shopify store, it's better to check before you upgrade your plan. What's in our free app for you?

You can create a popup that displays your logo and customize the text, font, colors, and background image to match your store theme and brand when visitors land on your site.

With visitors from different regions to the store, we don't want the popup to restrict access to your web content. Therein, based on your targeted audience, we have added a enable and disable popup option.

The flow of our Shopify 18+ Age Verification app provides a seamless navigation experience for both merchants and customers because of our clean, valid codes that ensure to bring the best website performance.

Install the app

The Pro version of Shopify Age Verification Popup gives you more power.

When integrated with the store, the Shopify Age Verification Popup App works in a fully responsive environment supporting all-sized devices like tablets, mobiles, desktop. Based on geo-locations, multiple age validations can be setup. With our user-friendly and quick verification process, the chance of losing customers over age verification becomes minimal.

Adding an elegant looking pop-up provides a positive first impression on your website visitors. So, our Age verification app is a savior for merchants who want to sell the restricted product range online.

In your limited time, you can upgrade to pro plan to easily set up an 18+ Age verification app with our predefined Preset templates.

Avail the Page-specific display criteria to add the age verification popup at checkout with simple pricing that is right-sized for your business.

Imagine all the above features at a minimal fee of $4.99/mo.?

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Features you may like from Age Check + Age Verification by Zoomy


2 Age Verification Popups

Choose from 2 age check pop ups.Visitors can either verify their age by birthday date or they can verify age by just clicking Yes/No button.


Add Terms and Condition

Age check pop is customizable. You can add your terms link in popup, so visitors can read your terms and verify their age before buying.


Date formats

The app lets you add 2 date formats for setting up of Age Check and Age Verification. This can be a quick and easy setup for merchants.

The Premium and only ($3.99/mo) plan of Age Check + Age Verification by Zoomy leaverages

Age Check and Age Verify app helps its merchants to verify customer age and deter under-age visitors. The merchants are not just limited to homepage Age check and Age Verification Popup, the popup, can be installed on any particular page, collection, product, or blog page.

With $3.99/mo, merchants are privileged to add in terms and conditions link in the popup, so visitors read your terms before buying products.

The main goal of the Age Check and Age Verify app by Zoomy is to basically restrict Under the Age Users app with a simple and customizable design to match with your store's theme.

Provides flexible age limit settings that you can control from the app dashboard. To know more, visit Shopify ZommyApps or scroll down, because we at HulkApps try our best to bring in more information.

Not over yet!

With the Age Check and Age Verify Popup App by Zoomy, you can easily custom the popup with any background image or color. The option of adding your store logo in the popup is possible but, the store merchant can not design the popup as per their store theme.

The unique feature of the Zoomy AgeCheck and Age Verify App is setting up a date is available in 2 formats.

The other additional features that include are the change of text, color, size of the headline, and sub-headline is possible. Verification of the customer can be done with simple text verification or selection of Date of Birth.

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