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Want to create a more personalized experience for your customers in their cart and checkout settings?  (Unleashing the Power of Customization: Hulk Product Options App Meets Shopify Checkout API)  Start getting more control with the draft version of Shopify Scripts in the designated section of your Shopify Plus account. Although they're small pieces of Ruby code, take note, the point is the amount of customization they provide is significant. By using a template or crafting your own, which starts as a blank canvas containing supported customization possibilities, the steps toward creating endless customization possibilities are in your hands. Available only with Shopify Plus, they can make a big difference to your store and community interaction, saving you both time and money, enabling the change that your business needs, and helping generate a personalized shopping experience.

Yes, that is right! Most back-end systems, for example, make you choose between high accessibility and versatility at the cost of adaptability. But with the customizable functions of Shopify Script, they can act as a gateway to incredible promotions that won't slow down your online store.

What is Shopify Scripts?

Shopify Scripts are micro-customizations that let you add more customization to address your business's basic to complex needs. As an example, based on your input, you can apply line item level discounts without the sort of hackery that existing applications have to perform or even introduce a variant of a product at discounted rates using these codes.

Using the Shopify Scripts API reference, you can write the Shopify Scripts. Sounds complex? Shopify Plus is built to ease the get-started experience and even the split of the customization experience. Therein, you can use Shopify Script Editor to write, edit, manage, publish, and even handle unpublishing of scripts.

A Shopify Script Editor is used to build and run Shopify Scripts as they provide templates and debugging tools to write and test scripts before publishing. The Shopify Script Editor is available for Shopify Plus merchants and comes in an App. Based on the store requirement, merchants can install custom apps to enable the script on their store.

Often, merchants use Shopify Scripts to incentivize customers and increase AOV with discounts at customer shopping carts. But that's not all they can do; utilizing Shopify Scripts API references, you might also use it to customize your store's payment and delivery options.

One of the key benefits of Shopify Plus is that you can utilize Shopify Script Editor and run custom code on Shopify's servers. You can build in more brand experience without worrying about support or maintenance.

What are the types of Shopify Scripts you can create?

As mentioned above, with Shopify Script Editor and Shopify Scripts, you can customize and personalize your customer's shopping experiences in their carts and at checkout,using these scripts as a gateway to creating tailored customer experiences. Here are some different types of Shopify Scripts:

  • Line item scripts:

    • Based on the customer cart options, these Shopify Scripts will customize the price of the line items in a cart or grant discounts. The Line item Shopify Scripts API reference runs every time the customer modifies the cart items like adding, removing, or changing the products.
  • Shipping scripts:

    • With these Shopify Scripts, you can customize shipping options, like changing the shipping methods or granting discounts to specific locations. The Shipping Shopify Scripts API reference runs every time a customer visits the shipping options page at checkout.
  • Payment scripts:

    • Like the above scripts, the Payments Shopify Scripts helps customize payment options, like rename, hide and re-order payment gateways. These Shopify Scripts API references also run every time a payment method page is accessed.

How are the Shopify Scripts helpful/beneficial for a website?

The customization options of Shopify Script come with a range of exclusive benefits that enable you to take your business to the next level. Among these is the ability to fine-tune your customer interaction channels. Let's take a look at them in detail:

  • Shopify Scripts are in the same environment as Shopify, allowing you to leverage them effortlessly and scale with Shopify Checkout customization.
  • The WebAssembly architecture of Shopify Scripts allows you to run even complex scripts in less than 10 ms, improving store reliability.
  • Scripts APIs are declarative APIs; that is, you tell the Shopify Scripts APIs what you want to do, and Shopify figures out the best way to do it without any errors.

The following examples are some of the most popular types of discounts and customizations you can make with Shopify Scripts:

  • Based on the specific tags, you can offer percentage or fixed discounts or a combination of both.
  • Run promotions like buy one, get one free (BOGO), buy two get 10% off, or buy four get 20% off.
  • Modify, hide, or re-order shipping prices and payment gateways according to customer preferences.
  • Offer dynamic pricing with volume-based price breaks.


Your checkout process directly impacts how you convert visitors into customers. Advertising custom promotions at checkout with Shopify Scripts to customers help drive traffic but figuring out the successful and proficient way to reward can be a challenge.

In fact, with an appropriate setup of checkout customization, brands like Chubbies (tiered pricing for bulk discounts), a lifestyle apparel brand, has increased their conversions.

Connect with us if you need any support in optimizing your checkout experience with Shopify Scripts for more conversions. Our team of experts has listed above some of the popular Shopify Scripts services for you to embed. We offer the above Shopify Scripts to grow businesses of all kinds. Therein, choose your preferred one and get started with Shopify expert support.

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