Master Slider vs Qikify App

Shopify merchants can make better use of HulkApps Free Master Slider App to publish slideshows or image sliders in just one click. This engaging and best Shopify slider app can mesmerize visitors with appealing store aesthetics and influence them for longer stays. Get a great level of flexibility with unique image slider, product slider, or carousel slideshows. Keep comparing for better user experience.

How is HulkApps Free Master Slider App performing better than Qikify Collection Slideshow & Slider App

We simplify the process of analyzing the performances of both these apps for your Shopify stores. We have represented it in a tabular format so you don't waste much time while differentiating to know which one is better for your objectives so that you can make the right decision for your business.

Review Free Master Slider App alongside with Collection Slideshow & Slider App to benefit from their features.

HulkApps Infinite Product Options vs Relentless Apps

HulkApps Free Master Slider

Star 5.0 (21 Reviews)

Free Unlimited

HulkApps Free Master Slider App is simply dynamic to get eye-catching product listings on your store and attract online shoppers’ attention. Explore a long list of product slider, logo slider, carousel, and banner slider maker for your Shopify eCommerce stores. Read more

Features Free
No.of slider Unlimited
No. of slider styles 5
Video slider checked
Bulk image uploading checked
Custom CSS checked
Slide scheduler checked
Advanced Features Free
Autoplay videos unchecked
Advanced Transitions checked
Control and Flexibility checked
Remove watermark unchecked
Add Image URL unchecked
Design & Functionality control checked
Add overlay buttons checked
Custom HTML checked
Unlimited layers checked
Responsive checked
Pre-built templates checked
Integration Free
Support checked

You can upload jpeg, png, gif, svg file format.

Yes, avail that option from the edit bar, under Action. Past your link in the space provided, remove the # that is the default. Here

Yes, under the Slide edit option, you will find INFO box, where you can set a certain slide to play for some time. Here

Please read these instructionsto embed the slider in my storefront.

Collection Slideshow & Slider App by Qikify

Star 5.0 (4 Reviews)

Free | $4.99/mo | $ 9.99/mo 7 days free trial

Custom HTML is quick and easy to add custom elements and functionality to your master slider carousel for your eCommerce store. But, here Qikify lacks this feature as compared to HulkApps. On the other hand, Shopify merchants have to shed some extra cash..Read more

Features Free $4.99/mo $9.99/mo
No.of slider 2 3 Unlimited
No. of slider styles 1 6 Unlimited
Video slider checked checked checked
Bulk image uploading unchecked checked checked
Custom CSS checked checked checked
Slide scheduler unchecked unchecked unchecked
Advanced Features Free $4.99/mo $9.99/mo
Autoplay videos checked checked checked
Advanced Transitions unchecked unchecked unchecked
Control and Flexibility checked checked checked
Remove watermark checked checked checked
Add Image URL checked checked checked
Design & Functionality control checked checked checked
Add overlay buttons unchecked unchecked unchecked
Custom HTML unchecked unchecked unchecked
Unlimited layers unchecked unchecked unchecked
Responsive checked checked checked
Pre-built templates unchecked unchecked unchecked
Integration Free $4.99/mo $9.99/mo
Support checked checked checked

Please read these instructions to add a slideshow to your Collection page.

Please read these instructions to add a slideshow to other pages as per your needs.

Please read these instructions to create slideshows and slides.

There are various reasons why Smart Menu is not showing up or showing incorrectly in a store. Please read these cases to find out a solution.

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