HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager Bar App vs The Competition. Which one gets you an edge?

HulkApps Free GDPR Cookie Notice + CCPA App gives you an instant user consent significant to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Use the Shopify GDPR cookie banner app and keep your customers happy with a transparent data collection policy.

Shopify App Store is packed full of useful tools for companies that want to increase sales. Whether you’re looking for a cookie management app solution or something else, the Shopify app store fulfills every user's demands by offering countless tools that drive better revenues for you.

If you're just getting started with a new store or looking to boost sales for your existing site, HulkApps Free Gdpr/Ccpa+Cookie Management App ensures you always keep your customers informed and updated about your data collection policy, and give them enough visibility into your actions to win their trust.

Outstanding features of HulkApps GDPR cookie banner app can make you swoon

Geo-targeting Bar

With geo-targeting capability, you can add code snippets to your cookie consent bar. This allows you to present the bar to the EU visitors only.

One-click Install

GDPR cookie banner does not need any steep coding knowledge. Also, it takes just a click to collect consent statistics.

Advanced Theming

Get the powerful advanced custom css-based theming. Make use of this feature for customizing your app with color, fonts, and texts.

Why choose Hulk Apps.

Polaris Styling

Apply an extensive styling to your cookie bar in line with Polaris specifications. This helps you keep your app adaptive to your store and ensure better user experience.

Advanced Configuration

Pre-built cookie notice bar from HulkApps is highly optimized for any mobile device. It fits any screen size and offers a better user experience.

Highly customizable

Have control over how you want to display a cookie banner or popup bar app- put it top or bottom of the window. Also, choose the background color.

Not over yet!

HulkApps Free GDPR Cookie Notice + CCPA App is one of the most significant apps you need to instill trust and confidence in your customers towards your policy of personal data collection. The more you keep your privacy policy transparent and fair, the more you can connect with your customers. Shopify GDPR cookie management app from HulkApps keeps it simple to ask for user consent and collect data so that you can use it to improve user experience and trigger better scalability.

Make the most of its best features and functionalities to abide by the latest GDPR law. Some of its best features you must look for to maintain robust user security are:

  • It is a pre-built cookie notice bar- save money and time.
  • Just with one-click, you can easily get user consent statistics.
  • You are free to select any type of cookie popup box and text.
  • The extended customizability easily makes our app adapt to your store aesthetics.

Try HulkApps Free GDPR Cookie Notice + CCPA App today.

Additional perks of HulkApps HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager

Technical Experts

Technical Experts

Our technical experts are there for you when need utmost care of integrating the app to match your theme’s complexity, or simply anything.



Receive a complete package of resrources along with the app, from Install to setup intruction to best practices

Pritority Support

Pritority Support

The support that stays ahead of complex programming challenges and the support we give, when you need it

HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager vs Competition


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