Shopify Subscription Apps: Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks VS Assortion: Upsell & Bundles

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Work?
  3. How Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Work?
  4. How Much Does Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Cost?
  5. How Much Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks vs. Assortion: Upsell & Bundles
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integrations and Compatibility
  9. Conclusion


The ascent of e-commerce has paved the way for advanced tools and mechanisms to boost sales. One such powerful tool is the subscription service model which has surged in popularity over recent years. Among the myriad of apps that optimize these services, two in particular reign supreme: Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks by Kaching Appz and Assortion: Upsell & Bundles by Assortion. Which one provides more bang for your business's buck? Let's delve in and find out!

How Does Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Work?

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is a frontrunner in boosting sales by creating enticing bundle deals with customizable offerings. The synergy derived from pairing products boosts both the aesthetic appeal of your product pages and your bottom line. This app is not only translation friendly; it supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish, but it integrates seamlessly with other apps like Checkout, PageFly, and more. The dashboard's revenue tracking function allows you to curtail your bundles according to what fits and clicks with your customers.

How Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Work?

On par with Kaching in terms of functionality, Assortion: Upsell & Bundles provides unparallel integration and aesthetic consistency across its widgets. This app prides itself on empowering you with product bundles, upsell offers, quantity breaks, and post-purchase deals in a single location, eradicating the need for multiple applications. Tailored product add-ons and customisable product recommendations make Assortion a worthy adversary to Kaching.

How Much Does Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Cost?

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks offers two pricing plans. The Basic Yearly plan costs $9.99/month with uninterrupted bundle deals, multiple layouts, limitless customization, translation adaptability, and live chat customer support. For $14.99/month, the Basic Monthly plan offers the same features with a slightly higher price dip. The app intentions are clear- attract a vast range of businesses regardless of their financial capabilities.

How Much Does Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Cost?

On the other hand, Assortion offers three pricing tiers: Basic at $14.99/month, Pro at $29.99/month, and Growth at $49.99/month. Each level up provides all offerings from the preceding tier, adding more expensive features. With the 'Growth' plan, you can avail of the upsell cart drawer, the final feather in Assortion's cap. Assortion’s pricing hierarchy seems ideally suited to businesses looking to expand their operations.

Cost Analysis: Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks vs. Assortion: Upsell & Bundles

A careful cost analysis makes it evident that while Kaching Bundle Quantity breaks offers affordability, Assortion: Upsell & Bundles offers more features with pricing increments. If the decision was merely cost-driven, Kaching would emerge victoriously. However, Assortion's price jump brings significant add-ons, making this a tight race where assessing one's business needs is paramount.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Good?

With a resounding 5-star rating from 385 reviews, the user appetent for Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is evident. The user-friendly experience and live customer support could be driving these positive reviews.

Is Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Good?

Foot to foot with Kaching's star ratings, Assortion has a 4.9 stars rating backed by a hefty 341 reviews. It’s worth noting that Assortion’s slightly lower rating may be due to app complexity rather than effectiveness.

User Preference: Which App Wins?

While both apps have almost similar reviews and ratings, it appears that Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks clinches the victory by a hair's breadth. The combination of their superior rating, additional integrations and language compatibility could be influencing this slight favouritism.

Integrations and Compatibility

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Integrations:

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks integrates with Checkout, PageFly, GemPages, and many others. These integrations make for a smoother user experience, adding valued convenience and extra functionality.

Assortion: Upsell & Bundles Integrations:

In contrast, Assortion: Upsell & Bundles offers fewer integrations, primarily with Checkout. Though limited, the impact of these integrations on the Assortion's user experience should not be understated.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

Choosing the right subscription app for your Shopify store can be a pivotal decision. Have you found yourself wondering if there's a tool that can simplify your subscription management while providing valuable insights into your customer’s journey?

Consider Subscription Plus. Launched in June 2021, this app has swiftly aligned with Shopify's high standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value. But what makes it stand out?

Ease of Use:

Subscription Plus is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify admin and the latest themes, making the setup a breeze. You can manage your subscriptions directly within the Shopify environment, ensuring a smooth workflow.


Whether you're selling monthly mystery boxes or offering premium content, the app allows you to create flexible subscriptions for a variety of products and collections. This flexibility extends to your customers as well, who can easily update their information after placing an order.

Insights and Management:

Understanding why customers cancel is just as important as managing active ones. Subscription Plus provides unique insights into subscriber retention, helping you make informed decisions to keep your customer base growing.

Customer Support:

A dedicated support team is ready to assist you, ensuring that any hiccups are resolved promptly, allowing you to focus on what you do best — growing your business.


The app is free to install, with a fee model that scales with your success. You pay nothing for the first $1,000 in order volume per month, and only a 1% revenue share thereafter.

Moreover, the app's reviews speak volumes. Merchants praise its user-friendly platform and the seamless integration with other Shopify services, like Sky Pilot for digital product delivery. While no service is without its challenges, the overall sentiment from users is one of satisfaction and improved operational efficiency. So, if you're looking for a subscription management solution that is both powerful and user-friendly, why not give Subscription Plus a closer look? It might just be the partner you need to streamline your subscriptions and bolster your recurring revenue. Have you experienced the ease of managing subscriptions with Subscription Plus? If not, what's holding you back from trying a solution that could transform your business? Learn More.