Shopify Page enhancements - Other Apps: SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs vs Fablet

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs Work?
  3. How Does Fablet Work?
  4. How Much Does SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs Cost?
  5. How much does Fablet cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs vs. Fablet
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A recent survey reveals that over 50% of online shoppers cite usability and website functionality as pivotal factors in their buying decision. This statistic underscores the importance of page enhancements for e-commerce businesses. Page enhancement apps significantly elevate user experience, contributing to an increase in sales and customer retention. Examining tools like SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs and Fablet, it becomes clear how these apps extend the functionality of Shopify stores, providing a wealth of options for merchants to optimize their pages. Both applications pride themselves on seamless integration and notable improvements to user experience.

How Does SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs Work?

SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs by TK Digital brings simplicity and efficiency to the forefront of page management. The app empowers merchants to organize key product information into easy-to-navigate tabs. Provisions for automatic tab creation and customizable designs mean businesses can tailor their online presence to match their branding while ensuring product details are accessible. Whether it's a startup or a well-established enterprise, SmartTabs can revolutionize the way products are presented, thereby possibly improving customer engagement and conversions. For example, an electronics store can streamline its product details into tabs like 'Specifications', 'Reviews', and 'Warranty', enhancing clarity and shopper confidence.

How Does Fablet Work?

Fablet, developed by ShopPad Inc., transforms a Shopify store into a mobile-centric powerhouse. Recognizing that mobile users account for an ever-growing share of online traffic, this app focuses on optimizing speed and mitigating the challenges posed by smaller screens. It ensures a swift catalog sync and provides advanced features like push notifications and analytics. The optimizations extend not just to startups, but also to larger corporations looking to harness mobile commerce. With Fablet, a fashion outlet could expedite its product syncing process, introduce timely push notifications for flash sales, and monitor performance through detailed analytics.

How Much Does SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs Cost?

Investing in affordable page enhancements can yield a significant ROI. SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs offers a Basic plan at $4.95/month and a Pro plan at $6.95/month. Small businesses might gravitate towards the Basic plan for unlimited product-specific tabs with all style settings, while growing businesses could exploit the shared tabs feature of the Pro plan. No hidden charges are mentioned, suggesting a transparent pricing model.

How much does Fablet cost?

Fablet offers a tiered pricing structure ranging from a Free plan to the Business Plus plan at $100/month. The higher plans are scaled to offer more frequent synchronization and additional features such as image optimization, likely catering to the needs of expanding businesses. With no extra costs listed, Fablet appears to provide an all-inclusive package for each tier.

Cost Analysis: SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs vs. Fablet

Comparing both apps showcases a distinct pricing advantage for SmartTabs at the lower end, which could attract cost-conscious startups. On the flip side, Fablet's higher-tier plans, with extensive features, might offer large enterprises a more robust toolset. The absence of discount information suggests users need to evaluate the full-price offerings when deciding.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs good?

Yes, with a 4.6-star rating from 1269 reviews, SmartTabs is well-regarded. Its easy navigation and customization options likely contribute to its positive reception. Adequate customer support, inferable from the high ratings, complements its feature set, cementing its status as a reliable app.

Is Fablet good?

Fablet echoes a similar sentiment, with an even higher rating of 4.8 stars from 391 reviews. The app's focus on mobile optimization and performance enhancements could be the cornerstones of its acclaim. Its user-centric approach may also contribute to its standout support feedback.

User Preference: SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs or Fablet?

While SmartTabs has a higher number of reviews, indicating wider usage, Fablet's slightly superior rating suggests a better user experience. The choice between the two may hinge on a user's specific needs for mobile optimization or detailed product presentations.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs Integrations:

SmartTabs boasts integrations with several review apps like Judge.Me and YotPo, adding value to the tab functionality. The ease of integration and additional features promise a richer user interface and an improved shopping experience.

Fablet Integrations:

Similarly, Fablet offers compatibility with apps such as Tidio Chat and LimeSpot Personalizer, which suggest a focus on enhancing communication and personalization on mobile storefronts. The integrations are designed to bolster reach and customer interaction.


In the realm of Shopify page enhancements, SmartTabs ‑ Product Tabs and Fablet both provide potent enhancements. While SmartTabs specializes in content organization, Fablet focuses on mobile commerce excellence. User reviews favor both apps, with slight preferences varying by individual business needs. SmartTabs is particularly strong in its integrations with review apps and customizable tabs, while Fablet excels in mobile optimization and user engagement tools. For businesses prioritizing content organization and desktop experience, SmartTabs might be the more suitable option. Conversely, for those focusing on mobile engagement, Fablet could prove to be more advantageous. In choosing the right app, consider the unique demands of your business and where your customers are most engaged.

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