Shopify Digital Downloads: Kable Digital Products vs Simply Digital Download

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Kable Digital Products Work?
  3. How Does Simply Digital Download Work?
  4. How Much Does Kable Digital Products Cost?
  5. How Much Does Simply Digital Download Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Kable Digital Products vs. Simply Digital Download
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


As e-commerce grows, digital downloads have become an increasingly crucial aspect of online businesses. Serving products like ebooks, courses, artwork, software, and an array of digital content, digital download apps seize a significant role in product delivery and customer satisfaction. Among the apps providing digital download solutions in Shopify, Kable Digital Products and Simply Digital Download stand out due to their unique approaches. This analysis delves deeper into their functionality, respective strengths and weaknesses to help online businesses choose the best match for their needs.

How Does Kable Digital Products Work?

As a specialized platform for digital products, Kable Digital Products empowers sellers with a wide array of tools. It enables the selling of an extensive range of digital goods like ebooks, software, courses, audio and video files, and more. The app's distinctive features include mobile-optimized custom email/SMS, license key protection for files, limiting download duration, and secure streaming. For startups, these features offer a no-frills way to venture into digital product sales, while for larger businesses, the benefit lies in the ease of scaling, ensuring a seamless customer experience. With Kable Digital Products, a promising picture of opportunity emerges to grow businesses and create multiple income streams.

How Does Simply Digital Download Work?

Mirroring Kable Digital Products' ease-of-use, Simply Digital Downloads helps businesses sell various files from PDFs to audio and video files. In addition to offering up to 1000 product hosting according to the selected tier, the app also supports PDF/Docx stamping and password-protected files. This makes the app ideal for businesses that need to preserve the integrity of their digital content, from small enterprises safeguarding their products to sizable corporate firms with extensive catalogs.

How Much Does Kable Digital Products Cost?

Kable Digital Products offers a Free Starter plan with unlimited products and files, alongside a Premium plan priced at $24/month, providing enhanced features like larger than 5 GB file size allowance. This pricing strategy caters to a variety of businesses – from beginners trying to break into the digital world to thriving enterprises looking for a capable digital solution.

How Much Does Simply Digital Download Cost?

On the other hand, Simply Digital Downloads provides a variety of plans catering to different needs and budgets. Starting from a Free plan to a Platinum plan for $100/month, it adjusts to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Cost Analysis: Kable Digital Products vs. Simply Digital Download

While both apps offer free-tier services, Simply Digital Downloads offers more plans with different price points to meet varying needs. On the other hand, Kable Digital Products' Premium single-tier approach might be more cost-effective for businesses requiring enhanced features.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Kable Digital Products Good?

Boasting a 5-star rating from 16 reviews, Kable Digital Products is likely appreciated for its streamlined user interface and its versatility in handling different types of digital products.

Is Simply Digital Download Good?

Despite its varied options, Simply Digital Download has an average of 1-star from 2 reviews. There might be room for improvement in overall user experience or feature implementation.

User Preference: Kable Digital Products or Simply Digital Download?

Based on available data, Kable Digital Products appears to be favored by users in terms of both ratings and the number of reviews. This might be due to a better blend of costs, features, and user experience, underpinning the importance of considering real user feedback when choosing apps.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Kable Digital Products Integrations:

Kable Digital Products integrates with Zapier and SendGrid Email. It points out a seamless process to connect the app with these platforms, enhancing its utility by leveraging additional functions from these integrations.

Simply Digital Download Integrations:

Simply Digital Download does not offer any specified integrations according to the data provided.

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