Display variant options as buttons, color & image swatches, and more. A product customizer w/ custom text boxes. Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out. Display unlimited product variations with Product Options Customization w/ Conditional Logic & Pricing

Key Features of The Shopify Product Options App

Create and customize unlimited add-ons into option sets and apply them to all desired products.


Unlimited Options

Let your customers select unlimited customization and options directly on the product page, and view what they selected in your orders.


Character Limit

If you’re using the Textbox or Paragraph Text option, there’s an option to limit the characters allowed in the text box.


Set Default Option Value

Our app lets you pre-select specific options on behalf of the customer as the default selection.


Date Field Option

Provide your consumers a date field where they can specify their expected delivery date.


Color Picker Option

The color field in the Hulk Product Options App lets our memrchants pick the color as a value in the storefront.

Image and Colour Swatches option type

Image and Color Swatches Option Type

Give shoppers access to images or color swatches they can see during the selection process and view their selection in the Shopify orders.


Create Rules

Create rules that reveal or hide options based on previous selections made by your customers. E.g., Unless the customize shirt move was made in the last step, hide the file upload option that asks for their logo.


Inventory Control

Each option can be added to a particular product variant in your store. Not only can it add the product price, but it will also reflect in the inventory.


Offer One Time Charge Option

Limit the charge of multiple purchased quantities and only apply the charge once for our app’s option, irrespective of the amount purchased.


Customizable Button Option

Custimize the look of you add on buttons so it reflects your product page design, and so provide your vistitors a unique shopping experience.


Validation for Min/Max Option Selection

If you’re using multiple-choice option types, there’s an option to add minimum and maximum values for option selection. E.g., if you want your users to only select 2 values from the collection of options, that can be done via our app.


Multiple Swatch Select Option

Give shoppers access to multiple image or color swatch selections with minimum and maximum validation, which they can see during the selection process. View what they selected on the order summary in your admin.


Hidden Field Option

Hidden fields define a value that is never displayed to the user; the user cannot interact with or change the value of the field. It is particularly useful when you want to add a tag or note within your customer’s order for purchased products.


Popup Option

This feature allows you to add a custom button that opens a popup with a brief overview of your product. This popup can be customized allowing you to add any text, number, table, image, or any HTML content.


Price Adjustment

Assign a cost to a non-stock option, such as “gift-wrapping” or “engraving,” and inform consumers of the additional cost to the base product price.


Full Display Customization

Full display customization allows you to customize everything from the layout to the messages displayed on the product pages and color choices for your product options, option values and title. An additional option is advanced CSS.


Edit Options in Cart

Customers can edit options they’ve previously selected directly from the cart page without starting over from scratch. Our edit options appear on the cart page as a button that pops up with the specifics of the selected options.


Bulk Apply

Bulk-apply options to thousands of products at a time. You can also apply option sets to a single product or group of products by filtering products with product vendor, product tag, and product type.

Big brands that trust the Shopify Product Options App

Delivery brand that uses Hulk Product Options App
AVON brand that uses Hulk Product Options App
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About The Shopify Product Options App

Product options are one of the pillars of ecommerce, and many products cannot be purchased without them - clothing comes in various sizes and colors, furniture is available in multiple finishes, the list goes on and on.

Shopify Product Options benefit local businesses making pick-up orders or places that customize the product. Other Shopify merchants can also use them – think of different sizes, colors, or variants of a product. Also, Shopify’s Custom Product Options App is excellent for establishing customer boundaries and preventing buyers from believing they may order additional features for free. So, there won’t be any return trips where a customer orders something, then sends a request to add extra features to their order, where you have to explain the extra cost charges, and the customer has to pay twice or cancel the order.

Without a doubt, the Product Options App by HulkApps is an essential tool

The AOV will go through the roof if you give your customers accurate prices for an unlimited number of product variants. Our Custom Product Options App is flexible enough to work as a product filter, customizer, and product bundler to create upsell opportunities.

With Product Options you can offer extra options to your customers to increase your site’s sales. Do you need a gift wrapping surcharge? How about a rush processing fee? With Hulk’s Product Options, it’s a breeze!

With our must-have HulkApps Product Options App, you can encourage clever pricing calculations

Here’s how you’ll put the Hulk Product Options App to use:
  • Allow your customers to choose anything that fits their persona and personalize your customers' experience—while increasing AOV.
  • Assign a price to any product quantity or a custom category and manage the price hassle-free.
  • Assign a price to additional items like gift wrapping outside of your inventory and earn more money.
  • Shape the cart UI with elegant custom option types like dropdown, checkbox, radio button, file upload, email, phone, and more.

You get all of the above plus:
  • Bulk Product Update
  • In-cart Product Edit
  • Tool-tip for Enhanced Clarity
  • Price to Custom Character Length
  • Site Discount Codes for Cart Page

The following instructions will get you closer to your goal:
  • Create options and option sets - Break through the variant limit, create the custom options you need, and assign them to the options set.
  • Style them - Bring your products, options, and improvements to life with the help of eye-catching color swatches.
  • Apply conditional logic - Create rules that reveal or hide options based on previous selections made by your customers.
  • Assign options to products and save - Assign custom options to the individual products, save, and you're done.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the Product Options App by HulkApps:
  • Add a tooltip to explain product options to customers.
  • Let your customers select unlimited customization and options right on the product page.
  • Assign a price to an option (gift-wrapping) that doesn’t carry inventory, and show the customer how much they need to pay in addition to the base product price.
  • Allow customers to directly edit the options from the cart page without starting over from scratch.
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Get more out of the Product Options App/Use Cases

Different ways you can utilize the Product Options App


Shopify - HulkAppsMobile app builder integration
HulkApps Mobile App Builder Integration

A small number of solutions work seamlessly, like these two HulkApps integrations. Hulkapps offers a simple solution to create a mobile app with product variants on your storefronts, product pages, and checkout.

Shopify - HulkApps Volume boost integration
HulkApps VolumeBoost Integration

Creating, upselling, cross-selling, and volume discounting has never been easier, even for different product variants with our VolumeBoost & Product Options App integrations.

Shopify - Pagefly integration
PageFly Integration

We know how limited theme templates can be an exhausting process, and how important it is to our merchants to create unique online storefronts. So we offer integration with one of the most popular solutions - PageFly.

Shopify - Gempages integration
GemPages Integration

With this integration of GemPages, you will find it effortless to embed and use our Product Options App with GemPages. You can now use our Product Options App with any custom theme available on GemPages.

Shopify - In-store pickup and Delivery by LogBase
In-store Pickup and Delivery by LogBase Integration

There are not many solutions that offer ecommerce possibilities mixed with brick and mortar shopping experiences. One of those possibilities is in-store pickup, which offers LogBase integration.

Shopify - Order delivery date Identixweb
Order Delivery Date by iDentixweb Integration

Providing merchants different shipping dates is crucial for merchants that offer perishable goods, custom made furniture and so many other types of products. This can be charged extra, or completely free with our Order delivery date by iDentixweb integration.

Product Options App in Numbers

185 K


72 K


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Frequently Asked Questions

Product options refer to the different variants of products in your store.

By offering your consumers total trust in what their final product will look like, our Product Options App can help you reduce abandoned cart rates and enhance conversions.

Check out our comprehensive knowledge base for additional information on creating a custom product option or configuring characteristics using the Hulk Product Options App.

Yes, our Product Options App overcomes the limitation of 99 product variants in Shopify.

For attributes, use clear, simple-to-understand labels, make variants easy to preview using product swatches or photographs, and utilize high-quality, true-to-life product images for each custom product.

Yes, our app provides our merchants with a robust in-cart editing capability. To activate this functionality in our app, simply follow the easy instructions below.


Go to app dashboard > General Settings > Settings > Check ‘Enable Edit in Cart’ Option > Save.


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