Squarespace to Shopify Migration - A Complete Guide

Building a high-performance website and powering an eCommerce store- both have glaring differences. Squarespace here makes no sense if you prioritize an eCommerce. For large catalog products or more complex eCommerce needs, find solace in Shopify rather than Squarespace. If you have your store built on Squarespace, move it now to Shopify. Our most delinquent series - The Migration Center helps you know how?

Migrate to Shopify

Why Shopify or Shopify Plus rather than Squarespace?

We divulge some unique and relevant factors to existing Squarespace merchants and help them discover the hidden drawback of the platform. Know why it is better to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify.



Enhanced SEO benefits with Shopify or Shopify Plus

SEO-Friendly Shopify Themes or Templates

Shopify has built-in SEO properties that help improve search engine rankings. Keeping this in mind, all of its free or paid templates or themes are optimized with high performance and fast loading, keeping users glued to the store for long periods.

With Squarespace, templates-specific issues are making things worse for SEO. They are older and stuffed with useless images, creating hurdles for Google to read texts that impact their search engine optimization.

Structured Data

Squarespace has poor schema markup. At the same time, Squarespace doesn't pay much attention to implement enough schema markup making Google unable to identify them. Another glaring hurdle with Squarespace is Event Schema that misses start date and location.

However, Shopify has well dealt with schema markup or structured data. You can have enough flexibility to deal with schema markup. Also, you can fetch rich snippets to add to your schema. This is ideally great for building a thriving eCommerce business for your products and services.

Squarespace to Shopify Migration - Busting the Myths

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Moving from Squarespace to Shopify

Shopify migration always gives you better options to take your business to the next level. If you have made your mind, let's see what best option you can take.


Manual Migration

Manual migration to Shopify from Squarespace works perfectly if you use coding and scripting expertise. It is dedicated work. So, if you can take this initiative, it can become a successful project for you.


Assisted Migration

Assisted Shopify migration is always desirable for most merchants since it makes the process easy and fast. HulkApps offers excellent Shopify migration services to take your online store to the next level immediately.

Hire a Migration Team

Transfer Data to Shopify from Squarespace

Shopify - Help


  • Rapid Shopify Recurring Orders
  • Pixel perfect
  • Mirror Design
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Manually Add
  • Copy Options
Shopify - Help


  • Migrate existing apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
Shopify - Help


  • Copy over
  • Map With Customers
  • Set Order Status
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Notify Customers
  • Re-Activate Profile
Shopify - Help


  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
Shopify - Help


  • Import reviews
  • Map With Products
  • Review App Integration
Shopify - Help


  • Speed improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster - Analytics

Pre-Migration Tips

Migration from WordPress to Shopify takes important considerations. Checkout these pre-migration tips before embarking on the initiatives.


Exporting your content

When exporting your data from Squarespace, you can click import/export. And then click export. Surprisingly, you need to click on WordPress even if you do it on Squarespace.


Scrutinize new site

When you migrate your Squarespace site to Shopify, you must prove your ownership. You must do for both HTTPS and HTTP using Google Search Console. The act enables Google Search data for your entity.


Index Updating

Product category URLs in Squarespace can be different in Shopify once after the migration. Make sure you create redirects for each of these products. This act helps search engines recognize the items and index.

Post-migration actions to maintain SEO ranking

#1 Switch domain

Post migration from Squarespace to Shopify, you need to move your old domain to Shopify. Please check the following steps.

Connect with a third-party domain provider. Log in to it. Get a code to ensure authorization. When you choose your domain, click Unlock.

The changes need to be intimidated by emails. Once your store is transferred to Shopify and everything becomes operational, you will get an email from Shopify after 20 days. This confirms the successful transfer of your domain.

Step 1

From your Shopify admin panel, click "Online Store" -> "Domains" -> "Transfer domains".

Step 2

Enter the domain that you want to transfer to Shopify, Click "Next"

Step 3

Click "Verify domain". You will see a "Domain unlocked" message

Step 4

In the Verification code box, enter the authorization code and Click "Next" -> "Buy and transfer"

#2 Test URLs

Furthermore, you can check if all your URLs have landed in your new store safely. Next, check that the new site is routed to all the old URLs. Secondly, there should not be any 404 pages or any chain of redirected links. Be sure to repair it as soon as possible if there are any, because those links will damage your SEO.

#3 Add rich snippets

In one of our posts, we have already discussed about the significance of rich snippets to your Google ranking, you can take a walk if you are not happy with the idea of adding snippets to your store. It's about time you add the additional information to every page on your new website.

Embrace Shopify- the most suitable eCommerce platform for migration from Squarespace!

HulkApps has successfully migrated customers to Shopify from a range of platforms and recognizes all the elements that make a successful migration possible. Our team will handle you through every step of the process, from a careful evaluation of your current data mapping to data monitoring once you have migrated to Shopify, ensuring that the migration is easy and without error.

Let the migration begin!

Checklist for Migrating your online store to Shopify

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