Restock Notification Master - Email & SMS

Bring customers back to your store faster with automatic restock notifications of the products they want to buy. Back in stock emails — triggered and sent various different ways — are a simple, yet effective way to capitalize on purchase opportunities at scale. Back in stock alerts are key buying signals that have high purchase intent. Create Back in stock alerts with the app & leverage stock alerts as a marketing tactic to drive sales, both online and in-store.

About Restock Notification Master - Email & SMS

Bring customers back to your site with back-in-stock alerts.

Shoppers rarely purchase on their first visit. Help them pick up where they left off the next time they visit your site. Enable your customers to sign up for product alerts. Automatically notify them when those products are updated.

When you have an in-demand product, inventory sell-out is bound to happen!  Restock Master is a shopify restock app with which you can send restock update to your customers via email and SMS when the product that they just missed out on, is back in stock!

Increase sales with Restock Master App by HulkApps:
  • Don’t miss out on sales when your inventory temporarily runs out.
  • Shoppers can subscribe to out of stock products and it's variants.
  • Automatically send restock alerts to shoppers when a product comes back in stock. You don't have to do anything.
Top Features
  • Unlimited emails/SMS alerts
  • Automated restocked notices
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Split email delivery into groups
  • Capture valuable data via Reports
  • Email platform integration
What our Restock Master App has to offer merchants?
  1. Email delivery system
    • Lets you have full control over the number of customers notified via the app.
    • Lets you set the notification preferences
    • Set email delivery interval between a group of customers
    • Lets you configure the minimum quantity of the product to send alerts.
  2. Robust theme integrations

    No coding required. Few minutes work for a non-tech merchant to integrate the theme via automatic theme integration.

  3. Easy customization

    The app lets you customize the appearance (form & button) as well as the content of the restock alerts to make sure it complements your store theme.

  4. Opportunity to grow contacts list

    Customers can opt-in using their email address or mobile number. This gives you the perfect opportunity to retarget them with future sales campaigns and promote products they’re likely to be interested in buying.

  5. Data-driven inventory management

    Restock Master is a also a restock monitor app with which you can see how many customers have signed up to receive notifications about specific items, giving you a data-led approach to your inventory management.

  6. Manage email activity

    Manage how often you want to receive updates/alerts every time a customer creates a notification.

Final thoughts

Ready to bring customers back to your site with back-in-stock alerts? Install the app & get started right away!

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