CRE Loaded to Shopify Migration - A Complete Guide

HulkApps Shopify migration experts provide unmatched CRE Loaded to Shopify Migration services for every merchant looking to get out of the pains of open-source eCommerce platforms. Platform migration is never stressful if you have HulkApps doing the core job for you.
Welcome to our definitive guide- Migration Center. Strengthen your knowledge, become more confident about Shopify migration.

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Shopify migration - important considerations

Every standpoint of CRE Loaded to Shopify migration must blend with your business objectives. Know important considerations.

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Discover your goal

Your store needs to evolve with your growing business; CRE Loaded may require more than just what is offering. Shopify is a scalable platform to fulfill your needs.

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Register with Shopify

To build a scalable eCommerce store on Shopify, we encourage you to choose your plan. Once you are determined, register with Shopify.

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Data import

The faster you migrate your data, the quicker you can launch your store and sell. Manual data import may take time—import data using a transporter app, CSV files, and other third-party tools.

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Easy access

It takes more than six months to migrate to Shopify. However, expertise can reduce the time frame should you have a backup ready. Establish easy access to all systems so anyone can continue the work.

CRE Loaded to Shopify Migration - data transfer

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  • Rapid Shopify Recurring Orders
  • Pixel perfect
  • Mirror Design
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  • Bulk upload
  • Manually Add
  • Copy Options
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  • Migrate existing apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
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  • Copy over
  • Map With Customers
  • Set Order Status
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  • Bulk upload
  • Notify Customers
  • Re-Activate Profile
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  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
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  • Import reviews
  • Map With Products
  • Review App Integration
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  • Speed improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster - Analytics

Pre-migration tips for Shopify migration

Platform migration is a daunting task. As experts suggest, you must consider essential things to get it done.

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Gift cards

As you switch to Shopify, you can make efficient use of gift cards. Have your Shopify migration experts get gift cards in bulk. Gift Card Adjustment API is incredibly beneficial to gift cards from physical stores with a different POS system.

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Discounts are a great way to build engaging customer relationships. Based on your business use cases, you can create manual or automated discounts. HulkApps developers help you create discount codes in bulk using PriceRuleAPI.

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GET calls

Do you have a large customer service staff? We know at times, it can get tough managing everyone from a single source. Our Shopify migration experts let you use User API to pull information from admin and keep a tab on your staff.

Post-migration tips

Scalability and high performance are indeed crucial to ensuring incessant growth for your store. What should you do post Shopify migration?


CRE Loaded to Shopify migration can be dynamic as you can maximize full access to the codes and bring the power of customization to your store. Replace a traditional cart page with a slide-out-cart or build a theme.

Create your theme

Our frontend developers have excellent skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and not to mention- Liquid. We can help you build intuitive Shopify themes that help you sell fast when you collaborate with us.


Platform migration often brings with it the concern of a decline in SEO rankings. Probably, Shopify migration does not cause any damage to SEO performance. However, we conduct a one-to-one redirect mapping strategy and redirect all legacy pages to the new sites.

Shopify Migration : Busting the Myths

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Meet your Shopify migration partner

We know you are always apprehensive about getting your store activated sooner. Shopify migration is never an easy decision for you. But, when you decided to migrate to Shopify, we give you unwavering assurance for your store built to deliver efficiency and performance.

We are Shopify experts. From data handling to search engine optimization, we do everything you need to build a scalable store.

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Our Expertise

Maximize our efforts

From migration to onboarding and customization, we find us at every step of your Shopify migration journey.

Data Analysis
Design & Development
Conversion & Revenue Optimization
Marketing Automation

HulkApps - making Shopify migration a breeze

Leverage end-to-end Shopify Migration support from us.

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Track record

Shopify migration can prove successful when executed with the best Shopify migration experts. We have a proven track record of delivering excellence at every step of the migration process, where our clients can decide what changes it requires. We bring the best solutions for you anytime.

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HulkApps makes sure your data always remains safe with us. We never share any data with third parties even after the project is complete. That's apart; we use a high protected server to prevent data leaks and safeguard your business information.

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Affordable pricing

We know Shopify makes for a perfect eCommerce platform with fully-featured tools to allow small and even big merchants to build a fantastic store. Our Shopify migration package is flexible. We offer excellent service for even a small Shopify migration project.

It's time for Shopify migration! Migrate to Shopify from CRE Loaded now!

HulkApps keeps up with all the latest industry trends and harnesses bespoke expertise to work with any kind of platform migration. We promise seamless scaling with Shopify or Shopify Plus migration by offering excellent server maintenance that can handle huge traffic and ensure positive investment returns. Let's connect to enable Shopify migration.

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Checklist for Migrating your online store to Shopify

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