Shopify Mobile App Builder Integrates Shopify App

As much as we want to orchestrate all the processes in a single application, doing so is nearly impossible. So many apps serve their best capabilities and help to ease the job.

So, instead of a high-budget single application, we can inevitably end up depending on many apps. While this helps us complete multiple tasks, managing the data and communication can be difficult.

When you're building an app with HulkApps Mobile App Builder, you don't need to worry about gathering reviews and displaying them accordingly, as it is a comprehensive system that forms a bridge between heterogeneous applications. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to quickly build a better app and learn about your store's performance.

On that note, the way HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder integrates Shopify Apps will allow your businesses to send emails automatically to customers, request reviews from them, and use them to promote brands, products, and services.

Apart from allowing businesses to send emails automatically to customers and request reviews from them, HulkApps Integrates Shopify Apps so you can secure customer reviews via SMS Review Request.

One of the significant benefits of why HulkApps Integrates Shopify Apps is that you can allow your review emails and the main review widget to be translated to your customer's native language. 

Amazed? We know you are, and that is what HulkApps Shopify Mobile app builder aims for. Also, to help HulkApps Shopify Mobile App builder merchants build a better core offering for the customer, HulkApps eases the option to integrate Shopify Apps just by enabling and disabling options. To know more, read "How to activate the integration" below.

Display reviews on your store's home page, social media pages - might be cool, but the fun part of why HulkApps Mobile App Builder Integrates Shopify Apps is because you can reduce the churn rate by showing the reviews in the checkout.

Product reviews are one of the best ways to increase conversions, build trust, and improve your SEO for your Shopify store. The more reviews you collect via your mobile app and display, the more convinced a shopper will feel right.

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HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder X integration.

How to Activate the Integration?

Whether an ad feed integration or performance tracking integration, built for all Shopify merchants, HulkApps Mobile App Builder allows you to integrate any app without effort.

Not all Shopify stores have the same requirement, so we have designed HulkApps Mobile App Builder with an integration toggle button to integrate the apps quickly.

All you need is to the "Integrations" and select “" and just on the top right - enable the option after entering the API key values. Hurry! You have now enabled Product Reviews By HulkApps in the Shopify Mobile App Builder.

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Locating The "API Keys" Page in

1. Click "Settings" from the Dashboard menu

2. Click the "API Keys" tab on the left menu

Enhance Your Sales Opportunities With Shopify TikTok Integration


Key features of

  • Procure customer reviews via SMS Review Request.
  • You can translate the review widget to the customer's native language.
  • According to your preferences, you can display the reviews for the product anywhere.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Increase social proof and sales conversions with reviews
  • You can add different voices of people's experience with your store.
  • Learn about the product and improve according to the needs.

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