Key Features of The Mobile App Builder App

Build iOS and Android mobile apps effortlessly using our Mobile App Builder App

Shopify - Over 600 carrier options

Real-time Push Notifications

Our App allows you to use a variety of notifications to run promotions, generate sales, and recover abandoned carts. Additionally, you can easily keep track and get an insight into all of your sent-out notifications.


Launch iOS & Android App

Quickly customize your app builder to match your store and immediately launch the app to the iOS and Android marketplaces. This way you can cater to both iOS and Android users.


Interactive Dashboard

Track, analyze, monitor, and display your key business metrics to manage all of your business data easily. Using an interactive dashboard, you can dig deeper into your store's operational data and filter it in a variety of ways based on your needs and preferences.


Customer Accounts

Use your existing Shopify login credentials to enable a personalized shopping experience. Pre-filled shipping information, order history, and real-time order tracking make mobile shopping a breeze. This allows users to become more immersed in the experience, increasing engagement and retention rates.


Built-in Social Media Login

Allows your customers to log in with their social media credentials. With a single click, this feature button can also be enabled on the website.


Optimized Search

Relevant search results enable easy product discovery. Filters, sorting, and recommendations help shoppers find what they are looking for faster.


Product Reviews

Social proof builds trust and enables customers to shop with confidence. A positive endorsement can be the difference between an abandoned cart and a completed sale.


Lightning loading speed

Seamless loading speed and responsiveness on all platforms, merged with our easily customizable design options creates a unique and satisfying shopping experience.


Instant Checkout

Customers can complete their orders more easily with a customized single-page checkout that includes prefilled shipping information, shipping options, and multiple payment options.


    Multi-currency Support

    Our app accepts multiple payment currencies, allowing you to manage your international transactions easily. Excellent for all stores with international shipping and customers from all over the world.


    Abandoned Cart Push Notification

    Powerful automation tool to remind your customers that they have left items in the cart by series of push notifications.


    Styling Options

    Easily customize the look of your Mobile App to match the look and feel of your store’s aesthetics.


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