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Shopify Custom Fields App is perfect for your eCommerce store you must employ to add data to your storefront as your customers may look for additional information. HulkApps Metafields Custom Field Master App keeps every buyer well informed of pages- product , collection, home, blog, and orders. Get your customers an opportunity to know more about your brand and product through our Shopify metafields editor. Keep comparing for a better user experience.

How are Hulkapps Metafields Master better than the competition?

We make it simple for you to review some of your crucial Shopify apps. Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews to examine the overall performance of HulkApps Metafields Master and compare it with the overall performance of the competitors Shopify apps.

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Metafields Custom Field Master App

Metafields Custom Field Master App

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Free | $9.90/mo | $19.90/mo | $49.90/mo 6 days

Metafields Custom Field Master App By HulkApps gives each of your products better exposure with a metafield metadata feature.Get the most out of custom metafields for your Shopify Stores. Getting our Shopify Metafields Custom Field Master App by HulkApps makes it easy to extend the functionality of your online shop and incentivize customers to shop more from you easily. Use and add additional product information, collections, orders, and blogs too. Read more

Features Free $4.99/mo
Shopify plan restrictions unchecked unchecked
Available in multiple languages checked checked
Field: Basic text checked checked
Field Type checked checked
Embed short-code checked checked
Add/edit/delete fields in bulk checked checked
Custom fields quota Unlimited Unlimited
Single image upload unchecked checked
Multiple images upload unchecked checked
Bulk import metafields unchecked checked
Bulk export metafields unchecked checked
Automatic product tagging unchecked unchecked
File upload unchecked checked
Field: HTML unchecked checked
Field: Date unchecked checked
Field: Color Picker unchecked checked
Field: URL unchecked checked
Field: Email unchecked checked
Field: Checkbox unchecked unchecked
Field: Video unchecked unchecked
Field: PDFs/files unchecked unchecked
Custom JSON unchecked unchecked
Repeatable fields unchecked unchecked
Advance image handling unchecked unchecked
Sharing files via global CDN checked checked
Technical support Same day Same day

Yes, it is possible to import/export Metafield data in our application. This feature is included in the PRO version of our application. For more information, click here

Yes, you can include an image in the metafield extension, this is a PRO feature in our application. We have included images and multiple image metafield type as a PRO feature in our application.

This is a restriction of the Shopify API to avoid some potentially serious problems. However, you can export your existing metafield data into an XLXS file, change the namespace, key, or type of the field, and then import the XLXS file which would create the new metafield preserving your existing data. You could then simply delete the old metafield and its data.

Currently, no. Only store administrators can modify custom field data.


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