Custom Recharge My Account Dashboard

An experience designed in unison with the brand’s existing UI/UX, including consistent visual hierarchy, tone, and messaging. Integrate subscriber's loyalty which can lead to continued use of service.

We're experts in advanced customer portals

Get out-of-the-box functionality to create a custom, low-churn experience for subscribers with flexibility and control they'll love, including the power to edit, pause, skip, and manage orders.

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Let your subscribers log in to your store and manage subscriptions and account settings directly from your site.

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Let subscribers checkout with one-time and subscription products in their cart, or subscribe to their entire cart.

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Offer subscribers power and flexibility by allowing them to pause, skip, edit their future orders like swapping and changing frequencies.

Customize the look and feel of your dashboard

Let subscribers manage their subscriptions with out-of-the-box architecture structures that fit your store's style and branding.

We're always optimizing the subscriber's flow, making the shopping experience inside the portal to be really intuitive and refreshing!

We help brands with large catalogs or different architecture to implement simple ways for their subscribers to navigate the portal.

We go through UX-based processes to give your subscribers ownership over products fuelling their lives with constant reinvention.

We believe in creating experiences that really impact and always implement what's right for the brand, their messaging, their subscribers.

With the custom dashboard, the possibilities are limitless.

Headless commerce is taking over e-commerce. It's allowing for complete customization, which results in the ability to build rich subscribers experiences that match your brand. We at HulkApps have analyzed thousands of subscribers' interactions and invested a significant amount of time leading best practices to give you the power to build these rich subscribers' experiences. We want to support you and empower you to build better tools and better experiences.

Skip or Update Delivery Date

Create a tight relationship with your subscriber; make them feel like you know them, and give them the transparency and the actions available that they need when they need it.

Promote Loyalty Program

When someone's on the subscriber's page, something is wrong. And if they already intend to cancel their subscription, you can change their mind with these touchpoints!

Skip, Unskip Subscription

It may be one of those cases where your subscribers currently have many products or will be away on the next delivery date. Make it quick & easy for your customers to skip their subscription and super easy to unskip with our custom Shopify ReCharge app Dashboards!

Manage Order Frequency

Leverage Recharge provides subscribers with options to manage their next charge date or shipping frequency anytime with a click of a button.

Update Billing & Shipping Address

Our Custom-built ReCharge Dashboard empowers the subscribers to take control of their billing & shipping addresses and update it at any point of time during their subscription.

Mobile-first, Clean Design

We're now living in a mobile-dominated world! Subscribers are managing their subscriptions through their phones. Create aesthetically pleasing mobile-optimized design for a seamless experience.

Leverage Recharge alongside HulkApps for subscription-building!

As Masters of Shopify, we focus a lot on solving complex problems, and building rich custom experiences that match your brand.

  • ReCharge Dashboard Customizations
  • Recharge Subscription Solution Expert Team
  • Project Coordinator
  • Advisor/Consultant
  • One-to-one Dedicated Support

We believe Subscriptions do better for businesses.

We've been making efforts to create upsell & cross-sell with subscriptions & put up cancellation restraint, loyalty, win-back, and much more to turn your business into a pleasant profit-making eCommerce engine.

Recharge your customer's experience

Recharge your customer's experience.

HulkApps offers a compelling and rich subscriber experience on the dashboard that could recharge your customer. We've covered everything for our clients, right from the simple upsell to one-click reorder.

Helping you acquire more subscribers

Helping you acquire more subscribers.

We are with you every step of the way. HulkApps enables you to build a thriving subscription business by providing extensive support that assists you in retaining new subscribers or developing exciting relationships with new customers.

Behind the scenes subscriptions automation

Behind the scenes of subscription automation!

Our Recharge Recipes are designed to help you build a successful recurring business whether your subscription model is new or existing. Right from the Shopify-Recharge sync to custom order sequencing, we reduce the need for support and extra effort.


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