Sales Pop FOMO Notifier is a powerful selling tool that helps to boost your sales. Built with the concept of social proof, the app helps to show purchase activities on your store through real-time notification popups. 

When customers know what other individuals are buying in your store, it makes a positive impact and propels them to purchase your products.

Let’s see what all you’ll be able to do with Sales pop - FOMO Notifier:-

Boost customer's order decision by automatic sales popups

Online shopping could be a popular trend these days. You own and run one or many online stores? How can you skyrocket your revenue? You must guarantee the great quality of products and services. Selling techniques also play a critical part in business growth. How to boost sales is always a tough question for all shop owners.

Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier is an effective tool to extend the number of orders for your store. This application will give notifications of orders and the shopping activities of customers. It makes a thought process aiming at encouraging clients to purchase products.

Build your brand’s value to customers and reinforce their trust

Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier will help your business build up and strengthen buyers’ trust in your brand. When new customers visit your store, they know other customers have bought products. This contributes to building customers’ trust. The customers will have more confidence to purchase one product.

Benefits of using Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier:-

  • Create a sense of urgency and fear to miss out on a good deal
  • Trigger sales by showing recent orders
  • Increase trust level with social proof pop-ups
  • Show more items to the shoppers to get a great upsell opportunity
  • Reach clients from any device thanks to a mobile-friendly design
  • Enjoy free lifelong support and updates

That’s it for now! In my next article, we’ll have a look at the smashing features of the app.