So, you have chosen to start a Shopify store. Fantastic! There is nothing like the opportunity to launch and build a shop of your own.

Making an online shop is not the technological difficulty it used to be now; virtually everyone can design and create an online platform where consumers can buy their items. If you have a physical store now, then moving online to broaden your business presence is the logical next step. Getting an online presence would open up markets that you just wouldn't get to have otherwise.

Put Your Shopper at Ease

Any possible questions or hesitations the potential purchaser may have should be answered on your product listing. Are these trousers going to fit? How long is the life of a battery? Will this thing be returned? Are proportions precise? Such questions all need to be resolved.

Brainstorm ways you can put your customer at ease, by providing clear copy, visual guides, and instructions in case an item needs assembly.

Customer Reviews are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL

That’s right, we believe complete strangers as much as we believe our mothers.

Moreover, 70% of people consult reviews and ratings before obtaining, according to BusinessWeek. Alright, we all know customer reviews are necessary so why don’t you have them on your product pages?

Create a Strong Sense of Urgency

The quickest way to urge e-commerce conversions? SCARE Tactics. You need to create every visitor nervous that in case they don’t purchase now they might miss out!

So there you have it. Implement these strategies to drastically grow your e-commerce transactions through way better product pages.

But how do you get started and what do you need to look out for?

Hold on ✋ have you tried implementing an external 3rd party app to improve the product information in your store?

By Apps, we meant Shopify apps like

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