On-page Website Technical SEO Audit

Pick up an advantage against any competition, the only way to climb to the beat of Google, in case your competition is already armed with our top-notch On-page SEO enhancements. With precise rank monitoring reports, you won't have to spend hours manually checking your site's positions in search engines. We are able to effectively do the work for you.

Whether your site has been through major changes or a period of disregard, it can be difficult to figure out just how to move forward. We take the mystery out of SEO by sharing prioritized proposals and deliverables you'll actualize quickly to progress your site’s execution.

Our experts can discover, screen and analyze all your website links that are absolutely enough to achieve and keep upbeat positions in any search engine. We utilize paid and free SEO review tools to conduct an SEO audit. We run a total on-page health review against handfuls of SEO blemishes on your sake and spare your time on settling the issues identified. Not only that, we are well-equipped to reverse build your competitors' SEO to reveal the most successful methodologies that help them rank high in search engines in comparison to your website. You'll be able to focus on making important and optimized, search engine friendly content for your website.

Consider conducting a Basic SEO audit, if:

  • Site content changes regularly
  • Code changes as often as possible on your website
  • Multiple individuals contribute to your site
  • Your industry is highly competitive online

Consider conducting Complete SEO audit, if:

  • You've relocated your existing site to Shopify
  • Content is outdated - Organic traffic has declined
  • There could be an impressive drop in search rankings
  • Google launches an Algorithm Upgrade
Technical SEO audit

How strong is your website?


Services_includesShopify store technical audit report

Services_includesSEO recommendations and quick fixes

Services_includesTitle tag optimization up to 30

Services_includesMeta description optimization up to 20


Services_includesAlt text optimization up to 1000 images and thumbnails

Services_includesKeyword-rich URL

Services_includesHeader tags setup

Services_includesRedirection up to 100 links

Services_includesKeyword-rich anchor text

Services_includesGoogle Panda/Penguin penalty check

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