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Shopify Upsells & Promotions | Upsell Products on the Checkout Page


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Adding Upsells to Shopify Store

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One of the oldest sales tricks in the book is the classic upsell; a customer chooses an item to buy, and the sales representative suggests an extra thing (like security plan or extra batteries) to go along side it.

This strategy can work wonders for a store's bottom line, particularly when they have quick communication with the customer (like when they get to the cash register). But how can it be done online, where that personal interaction is difficult to replicate?

For instance: A visitor is looking to purchase a 13” laptop for $1200. After selecting a laptop, the customer is instantly displayed with a few choices for upgrading the processor. In this case, the merchant is attempting to upsell the customer to a more capable (and costly) computer. Basically they are attempting to get the client to spend more on the same product or product type that they are currently looking at.

In Shopify, merchants have wide ranges of apps that allows creating upsell programs. With these apps, merchants are able to:

  • Display a Quick Reorder Button on Your Shopify Account Page
  • Add LoyaltyLion Points Tracker to Customer Account Page in Shopify
  • Upsell Products on the Checkout Page
  • Static BannerSubscription Upsell
  • And many more…

Hire us for effortless upselling to your Shopify store

Collaborate with our exceptional Shopify developers to set your business up and running like never before.

We are able to help you build a custom strategy to create upsells in your Shopify store utilizing our team of IN-HOUSE experts. Check our reviews!

Our approach to a custom page development

  • Discovery
  • Plan
  • Store setup & code
  • Test
  • Launch
  • Monitor
  • Analyze

Why should you opt-in for a custom page development service?

  • Experienced Shopify developers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Dedicated support
  • Committed to giving results with paramount quality
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