Collect and display customer feedback effectively, featuring visual reviews that build trust and influence purchasing decisions. The Product Reviews app allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other, to encourage sales. Collect product reviews, site reviews, and showcase the reviews with product images.

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Key Features of the Shopify Product Reviews App

Collect photo reviews, product reviews & ratings, site reviews, and feedback to build social proof.


Smart AI Approval

Automatically publish positive reviews using customizable rules.

Shopify - Basic text field

Social Share

Amplify your store’s reputation by sharing your received reviews across various social media channels with just a few clicks.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Yotpo Reviews Import

Experience the convenience of importing reviews from the Yotpo platform, ensuring a smooth transition of valuable customer feedback.

Shopify - Display click counts

Automated Review Requests

Configure the Auto request review email to be sent to the customer after the product is delivered. Customize the timing and intervals to suit your customer engagement strategy.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Instant Review Alerts

Stay informed in real-time when a new review is posted for any of your products, providing you with insights into your product's performance and reception.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Reply to Reviews

Directly respond to reviews within the app and share your replies publicly. By actively engaging, enhance customer loyalty and boost retention rates.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Interactive Q&A Section

Encourage customers to post their questions in the dedicated Q&A section, creating a dynamic customer engagement platform.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Mark Review as Helpful

Highlight reviews as 'Helpful' or 'Not Helpful' to provide both you and your customers with a clearer perspective on the product or service's efficacy and quality.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Strategic Upselling

Create targeted upsell campaigns by setting clear rules, enticing customers to return for more deals and enhancing their overall lifetime value to your brand.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Verified Sign

Display the Verified sign to show the authenticity of customer reviews, instilling confidence and ensuring a more credible shopping experience for your clients.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Unlimited Custom Fields

Add unlimited Custom Fields to gather in-depth information from reviewers, improving your understanding of your customer base and increasing their engagement.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Bulk Import/Export

Utilize the app's capabilities to import or export reviews in bulk using the .xlsx format. Ensure alignment with our app's sample sheet format during imports.

About the 무료 헐크 제품 리뷰 App

Empower Your Store with Feedback

Utilize our feature-rich review app to integrate reviews and ratings, providing valuable insights for both you and your customers. Build trust and increase conversions by showcasing satisfied customer testimonials.

Boost your product ratings by inviting customers to share photo reviews in return for discounts. Seamlessly import Yotpo reviews, create Q&As, and manage unlimited reviews per product. Enhance feedback with text, photos, videos, and additional custom fields, ensuring every review captures the full customer experience. Plus, our shareable reviews make it simple for potential customers to see authentic photo reviews, attracting more interest. And for those aiming to boost their brand's online visibility, we offer pre-set structured data for Google, enhancing your brand's presence in search results.

Why Choose Hulk Product Reviews?
  • Build Social Proof: Collect photo, product, and site reviews along with Q&A to enhance brand trust.
  • Shareable Reviews: Attract potential customers with easily shareable photo reviews.
  • Google Visibility Boost: Enhance your brand's online presence with pre-set structured data for Google.
  • Yotpo Review Integration: Easily import existing Yotpo reviews to ensure continuity in customer feedback.
  • Interactive Q&As: Facilitate customer engagement with a dedicated Q&A section.

How to Get Started
  • Layout Selection: Choose your preferred review layout, be it Grid, List, Carousel, Masonry, or Slider.
  • Display Customization: Select the parameters you want showcased on your storefront, like the reviewer's name, posting date, and other related settings.
  • Easy Integration: Simply embed the provided code into your theme, save, and you're set!

Join our community of successful brands at HulkApps today!

Full description

Maximize the Potential of the Shopify Product Reviews App

Conversion Rate Optimization

Pages with 1-10 reviews see a 52.2% higher purchase likelihood compared to those without, emphasizing the power of reviews in driving sales.

SEO & Structured Data Markup Rating

Review snippets, short excerpts from consumer feedback, can enhance search results with star ratings and summaries. When Google detects these valid reviews and rating markups, it showcases rich snippets for better visibility.

Increasing Sales

Products with reviews gain higher trust from shoppers. In fact, hoppers give reviews the same weight as a friend's recommendation (or criticism) of a product. Product reviews are, without a doubt, a great way for online sellers to make more sales.


A higher volume of reviews, even if mixed, enhances a store's trustworthiness, making customers more confident in their choices.

Invaluable Source of Product Feedback

Product reviews provide essential insights, guiding prospects by sharing past customers' experiences, detailing the product's strengths and weaknesses.

Loyalty Points & Rewards for Reviewers

Motivate customers to leave reviews by offering loyalty points and rewards. Using enticing terms like coupon, discount, and save in subject lines can boost submissions by nearly 20%.

Product Images

Product images offer customers a real-life glimpse, showcasing how items fit into daily scenarios. Visuals help clarify details like color, size, and style, ensuring the product aligns with customer expectations.

Growing a Community

Reviews foster a sense of community, resonating with shoppers by echoing their experiences. This shared connection enhances brand loyalty, cultivating a dedicated customer base that values your brand's narrative.



If you are just getting started

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