Create urgency with popup notifications and boost sales. Recent Sales Notifications offer an incredible way obtain buyer's trust and convert more traffic into sales.

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Key Features of the Shopify Sales Pop App

The Sales Pop App provides an excellent method for gaining buyer trust and turning more website visitors into customers.


Language Support

Our mobile app is available in multiple languages, allowing you to customize popup messages for your diverse customer base.

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User Insights

Get detailed performance statistics for your sales pop notifications, including clicks and sales data over different timeframes. Export clear, visual reports to track your sales growth.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Customizable Messages

Personalize sales popup messages to match your brand and convey important information to customers.

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Placement Control

Easily control where the sales popup appears on your storefront, ensuring it fits seamlessly with your site's design.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Holiday Themes

Customize the popup's appearance for different seasons and holidays using pre-designed templates.

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Unlimited Popups

Create as many popups as you need to showcase customer satisfaction and boost conversions on your site.

About the 무료 판매팝업 알림 App

Boost conversions and build customer trust with real-time sale alert cards that encourage more purchases. Sales alerts and cart notifications create excitement and urgency around your products.

The Sales Pop - Sales Notification App by HulkApps is a powerful tool:
  • Engage and convert visitors with quick-view mode
  • Utilize social proof to drive fast checkouts
  • Customize notifications with eye-catching themes
  • Works on all devices with advanced customization options
  • Integrate with Google Analytics for data-driven marketing campaigns

Here's how to use the Sales Pop app:
  • Display recent purchase notifications to drive impulse buying
  • Build social proof to encourage quick checkouts
  • Use Sales Pop Cart Notifications for effective marketing
  • Sync with your store’s order history for up to 30 days
Plus, you get:
  • Upsell Sales Popup
  • Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
  • Multilingual Sales Popup
  • Sales Notification Display Timing Setting
  • Notification Display Cycle
  • Custom CSS
  • Placement Control
  • Custom Notification Message

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Maximize the Potential of the of The Sales Pop Notifications App

Reduce Cart Abandonment

New stores can build trust and combat cart abandonment by using Sales Pop to create urgency and showcase social proof. This increases conversions and reassures visitors, resulting in more sales and higher conversion rates.

Harness FOMO for Conversions

Display real-time purchases to leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO), build trust, and create a sense of urgency around your products, ultimately boosting conversions.



If you are just getting started

Free to install

  • tick mark iconUnlimited Popups
  • tick mark iconCustom Notification Message
  • tick mark iconMinimal Popup Designs
  • tick mark iconUser Insights
  • tick mark iconPlacement Control
  • tick mark iconCustom CSS
  • tick mark iconLanguage Support

*Introducing our Annual Plan - Upgrade your account to the Annual Plan and get 2 months free of charge!


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