Test and Optimize with Ease

Execute CRO-driven tests from a variety of test elements to create a unique competitive advantage.

콘텐츠 기반 A/B 테스트

Why should you A/B Test?

Shopify - Higher Conversion Rates
Shopify - Reduced bounce rates
Shopify - Everything is testable

Our execution approach for A/B Testing

A/B Testing - 1

We efficiently deploy analytics tools and use our expertise (heatmap and funnel analysis) to identify testing opportunities.

A/B Testing - 2

We build a strong hypothesis based on the deep-dive analysis in the right places.

A/B Testing - 3

We create customized website variants to the A/B test as per your requirement.

A/B Testing - 4

We go a step ahead and give recommendations for designs and layout as per your requirement.

A/B Testing - 5

We ensure that your visitors have a seamless experience on the website while the tests are running.

A/B Testing - 6

We implement the right way to target page issues and continuously monitor to minimize them.

A/B Testing - 7

We let the tests run for at least 2 to 4 weeks, and use statistical methods to determine a sure winner.

A/B Testing - 8

We give you detailed reports on the conversion patterns of each variant with insights into the visitor preference.


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