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Now that you’re open for business, it’s time to form a subsequent strategic move for your company, so you'll continue to grow rather than hitting that dreaded plateau. Expanding your Shopify email marketing game can seem daunting, but we’re here to help you make a smart decision and see big gains.

Listening to your potential customers - their browsing and search activity, shopping patterns, and general behavior on your site - is the first crucial step in targeting and customizing your marketing plan.

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To start with, Klaviyo is a complicated tool, and Klaviyo Email Marketing for Shopify is often tricky to handle by a management team. Its functionalities are so advanced that you’ll be ready to understand why numerous freelancers are offering Klaviyo setup and maintenance services.

We’re not in the business of embellishing our Klaviyo Shopify integration services. We feel confident that HulkApps services can earn you business and trust; as long as we provide solid facts, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your revenue growth. Time to check in to HulkApps for each query you bought.

Our Klaviyo services extend from creating Subscription Abandoned Cart Flow in Shopify to forming a product Review / Cross-Sell Flow in Shopify and add Klaviyo Web Tracking to your Shopify store. You can also unlock various other services in our Kllaviyo Automations that you would require.

Target Your Customers

Klaviyo helps you connect where it matters.

Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform, specializes in eCommerce to give you everything you need to build powerful email campaigns. If you’re seeking a reliable way to connect with your audience through meaningful email flows and messages, the simplest free Klaviyo - Email marketing app for Shopify can help with that.

Klaviyo includes plenty of features built to make your life easier, including a drag-and-drop email composer and various attractive templates to make your messages stand out. There are also many marketing automation tools to explore if you need to take your campaigns to the next level.

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Unlock the power of personalized marketing for your Shopify store

고객의 생일에 축하 인사를 전하여 특별한 존재가 되세요. Shopify Klaviyo 전문가와 함께 이 프로세스를 자동화하세요.

저희 Shopify Klaviyo 전문가가 작성한 배송 확인 플로우로 포스트 구매 이메일을 수익 창출 이메일로 전환하세요.

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가에 의해 구축된 재입고 플로우로 이익과 고객의 평생 가치를 늘리세요

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가가 제작한 첫 번째 구매 기념 플로우를 사용하여 이메일 목록과 개인적으로 연결하세요

Add more personalization and engagement into your email strategy using the countdown to birthday series anniversary flow build by our Shopify klaviyo experts.

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가가 제작한 방치된 장바구니 알림 플로우를 사용하여 많은 망설임을 해소하세요.

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가에 의해 만들어진 브라우즈 방치 플로우를 사용하여 쇼핑 카트에 항목을 추가하기 전에 사이트를 떠나는 쇼핑객들에게 재타게팅하세요.

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가가 개발 한 고객 재구매 흐름을 사용하여 이전 구독자 및 구매자를 가져와보세요.

Shopify Klaviyo 전문가들이 제작한 상품 리뷰를 활용하여 브랜드의 평판을 높이세요.

저희 Shopify klaviyo 전문가가 개발한 보충 알림 플로우를 사용하여 고객의 요구를 예측하세요.

Shopify klaviyo 전문가가 구축한 고객 님 감사의 흐름을 활용하여 모든 고객에게 가슴에 남는 구매 후 경험을 선사하세요.

Shopify klaviyo 전문가에 의해 구성된 사후 구매 추적 흐름을 사용하여 고객의 평생 가치 (LTV)를 증가시키세요.


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