Your Subscriptions Strategy Partner

HulkApps leverages the scalability of partners like Recharge to create beautiful user experiences for any subscription model – from replenishment to bundles to rentals. Grow with the most robust platform on recurring payments - Recharge Subscriptions.

All the ways you can Power Up Recharge

Check customer activity. We make it easy to help you build a Cohort Tracking dashboard.

Increase chances to earn more. We can create auto-retrial functionality and keep luring your customers.

Reach out to us because we know the best practice to create automated subscriptions discounts.

Add post-purchase upsell at checkout. We help you sell more to your customers.

Create exciting promos for bundles. We make it happen for you while you earn more.

Integrate Shopify with Recharge- We do it perfectly to apply discount sync on both platforms.

Go for a pre-checkout upsell. We create this functionality at ease to increase AOV.

Make data-driven subscriptions strategies based on your customers’ locations. Prepare interactive marketing efforts with us.

Leverage the email marketing automation. Get us to work for you and build enhanced engagement.

Trigger optimized emails for different events. Connect more. Build a better subscription business with us.

Eliminate guesswork. Have it easy. Let us help you with Automated Offers setup.

Improve performance. We do excellent A/B testing for all of your offers and make them popular.


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