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Shopify 쇼핑페이와 쇼핑페이 할부 설정

Shopify 쇼핑페이와 쇼핑페이 할부 설정

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Shopify Klaviyo 장바구니 유실 프로세스

Shopify Klaviyo 장바구니 유실 프로세스

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Shopify cart page and checkout page are the two most essential elements of your store to facilitate a successful checkout experience. But did you know that too long checkout process starting through to the product to cart page navigation results in cart abandonment?

This is one factor that impacts successful checkout for merchants. Shopify cart page and checkout page are integral to each other that combine and facilitate positive conversions by streamlining and expeditating checkout processes.

User experience is key to keeping them hooked to the cart page and driving them to the checkout page to make purchases happen.

But, have you ever observed what takes your conversions down?

The reason is the underutilized Shopify cart page and checkout page. The absence of proper styling and design takes a toll on aesthetics. And when key functionalities are not working properly, user experience takes a hit too, impacting overall conversions.

We can, however, do something about these pages that help you drive visitors to the cart page and then to the checkout page for positive action.

Here are some effective ways we can help you with Shopify cart page design. We take you out of the trouble of effectively executing Shopify checkout customization and tweaks with improved Shopify custom checkout solutions.

How to efficiently implement Shopify cart customization

To improve user experience and intrigue users to take positive action on the cart page, we can showcase many interesting ways here to edit the cart page in Shopify.

1. Adding custom text to the Shopify cart page

While interacting with your shoppers, you can readily execute this plan if you realize that adding custom text or changing text size could be an effective way to improve user experience. Important attributes such as shipping, taxes, and discounts can look more enticing when you apply custom text or edit the Shopify cart page. These implementations can easily be visible on the checkout page.

  • Add custom text on your cart page by editing the cart.liquid template file
  • Find this object {{ 'cart.general.shipping_at_checkout' | t }}
  • Replace ‘shipping, taxes, and discount’ from the above object if you wish to add custom text here
  • Use this <p id="custom-text">YOUR CUSTOM TEXT GOES HERE</p> to make your font look bold
  • Add to the bottom of your main CSS file the following code
    • #custom-text {
    • font-size:15px;
    • font-weight: bold;
    • }
  • Add your preferred font size by putting your number in the CSS file

Tips: Before you jump to make changes to your cart page, duplicate the theme to backup your data. Shopify cart page design will be successfully implemented once you take control of your theme. Ask HulkApps to help you with the Shopify cart customization.

2. Applying personalized messages to Shopify customize cart page

Optimize the Shopify cart page. Shopify cart customization with personalized messages urges customers to the checkout page. Apply messages based on your business persona.

  • Add free shipping message
  • Upselling Suggestions
  • Showcase a promotional offer like “Spend over $60 to get a free gift”
  • Incentivize customers with a coupon or discount by displaying a promo code “15% off first purchase”

Tips: you can optimize your cart page by implementing useful codes. But, if you don’t want all hassles, HulkApps can take charge for you to customize your Shopify cart page.

What are the ways to enable Shopify custom checkout?

Shopify cart customization is frictionless since it is part of the Shopify theme. But, implementing Shopify custom checkout isn’t seamless. Because you cannot access any theme code for the checkout page.

We can help you move out of this limitation and improve the conversions rate by improving Shopify checkout functionality. Also, we suggest better ways to style your Shopify checkout page.

1. Add a detailed description to payment options at checkout

Give your customers multiple ways to pay. Accelerated checkout is often followed by a credit card payment method. But, ‘OR’ is often not properly visible to customers, urging them to leave the checkout without making a transaction.

You can either change “OR” to look more detailed. It can read, ‘OR continue to pay with your credit card’ or you can put other custom text of your choice.

Do as follows:

  • Go to Shopify admin
  • Choose online store
  • Find the Language Editor within Themes
  • Search ‘Filter translations field’
  • Find out ‘OR’ just below ‘Checkout & System/Checkout alternative payment method banner’
  • Add your custom text like ‘OR continue with your credit card’

Tips: you can also try out the names of the credit cards in the fields. Many Shopify themes do not allow for an extended level of customization to the checkout page like applying the logo of the cards. However, integrating the Shopify custom checkout app could help you play around with your creativity. HulkApps provides app integration support that alleviates the pain of integration for you.

2. Win customer trust by effectively showing security messages

One of the best tricks to utilize Shopify custom checkout solution is to provide private security to your users. Display a security message on the checkout page. Shopify issues default output like “All transactions are secure and encrypted”. We can customize it.

  • Go to the “Checkout & system / Checkout payment
  • Search the term ‘All transactions are secure and encrypted’
  • Look out for ‘card security notice’
  • Add your custom text or message
  • Save it

3. Customize confirmation page to improve your marketing efforts

Building a Shopify custom checkout offers excellent marketing efforts. If we can add additional scripts, this trick can help us track user activity on Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

  • Go to Settings
  • Look out for Checkout
  • Find ‘Additional scripts field’
  • Insert your tracking code

And it is ready.

4. Customize checkout style

In the theme editor, you can customize the style of your Shopify checkout page. Let’s see a few of them.

Customize order summary. Add custom elements like background color and image. To do this,

  • Go to Settings → Checkout
  • Click Style section → Customize Checkout
  • Find Order Summary
  • Add background color if you want to apply color
  • Add images by uploading them if you want to add images
  • Save it

Add image alt text. It helps improve search engine results.

  • Click Update under an image
  • Choose Select an image
  • Put alt text in the field
  • Save

Change checkout page button accent and color.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Checkout
  • Look for Customize checkout under the Style section
  • Click COLORS section and now edit Colors, Buttons, and Errors
  • Save

Integrate Shopify custom checkout app to add post-purchase features.

  • Choose a post-purchase app from the Shopify App Store
  • Log in to your Shopify account
  • Click “Add App”
  • Install the app
  • In the app section, look out for the Shopify custom checkout app that you’ve installed to benefit from post-purchase features
  • Configure your preference

Tips: Proper configuration of post-purchase is key to utilizing its capabilities. It will appear on your store’s checkout page if you can successfully do it. If you are unable to do this, you can hire a Shopify expert. Interestingly, HulkApps is a leading Shopify agency that can help you customize your Shopify cart page and checkout page as per your preference.

Final thoughts:

We offer Shopify checkout customization based on our understanding of each element of the Checkout page and how a Shopify store's identity might lose a sales opportunity at checkout, the essential step of a customer's journey.

Hire us for an effortless Shopify checkout customization and cart pages and be ensured to receive a highly-optimized Shopify store without sacrificing your design principles. Our exceptional Shopify checkout customization developers will help you set your business up and run like never before. To know more, check our reviews!


You are likely to edit cart page Shopify a number of times. But, this is not flexible when it comes to Shopify checkout page customization. There are some limitations. Only expert Shopify developers like HulkApps can help you tweak or customize your Shopify checkout page.

To customize your Shopify checkout page, you can easily change the color of the text for the checkout page. Look out for a list of fonts in the checkout settings and implement it.

  • Go to Shopify settings then Checkout
  • Click Customize checkout under the Style section
  • Click Open Checkout settings under the theme editor
  • Under the CHECKOUT section, look for Typography
  • Choose a font from the drop-down menu of the Headings
  • Save

Yes, you can do it. To tell your customers that you accept card payments, you can add custom text to the payment button of ‘Continue to payment method’.

To do this,

  • Go to Language Editor
  • Find out ‘Checkout & system’ tab
  • Find ‘Checkout & system / Checkout general’ now
  • Filter out‘Continue to payment method’
  • Change the text to the preferred one

Yes, Shopify allows you to add a banner to the cart page. The configuration needs some technical knowledge. If you need help customizing the banner for your Shopify cart page, talk to an expert Shopify developer.

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