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The Power of Customer Feedback: Introducing New Integrations for Hulk Product Reviews
The digital marketplace thrives on trust. How often have you relied on customer reviews before making a purchase? Quite frequently, right? Customer reviews and social proof are powerful tools that...
Boost Your Google Shopping Presence with Photo and Product Reviews
As your trusted Shopify Partner, HulkApps is proud to introduce the ultimate power tool for your ecommerce success: the Hulk Product Reviews App x Google Shopping integration. Adding a supplemental...
Collect Reviews On AutoPilot With Product Reviews App
Getting reviews from clients can appear like pulling teeth. You’ve gone the additional mile making precise product descriptions. You carefully bundle and dispatch each order. Small feedback would be pleasant,...
All You Need To Know About Product Reviews App
In the times of today, the world is running with E-commerce stores all around us. Almost all business platforms are essential, in a way, an E-commerce store. With easy access...

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