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To start, let me share with you an interesting fact about Accessibility. Accessibility is often mentioned as A11y or Ally. The numeric number 11 represents the number of characters between the letters A and Y. However, we commonly pronounce it as Accessibility.

What is an ADA compliance website?

ADA compliance/ Accessibility  is how you build your site or app to be usable by everyone, with or without disabilities. But often, it is confused with usability. The main difference between them is that Accessibility is focused more on people with disabilities, whereas usability focuses on all aspects.

As we aim to reach global consumers with our products/ services, we need to think about achieving accessibility success. The product design isn't just about how we present our product; it is how we make your Shopify store ADA compliant. 


Accessibility as a Service

Believing that every Shopify store to be accessible for every user across the world, HulkApps 'Shopify ADA services'

will fix accessibility issues for your entire Shopify store.

What is it?

HulkApps ADA compliance audits is all about making your Shopify store's content usable by all kinds of people, including people with disabilities with various types (vision, hearing, etc.).

At its core, HulkApps ADA Compliance website audit automation involves running a suite of  Shopify accessibility policy rules/ Shopify legal requirements on essential user flows and user interfaces of Shopify sites.

Shopify ADA

HulkApps Shopify ADA compliance automated testing

The main strength of HulkApps Shopify ADA compliance automated testing is its ability to find “low-hanging fruit,” freeing up some load on the site and covering common errors that are often overlooked.

The other key benefit of our Shopify ADA compliance service is the ability to guard against regressions. A good accessibility test coverage will clearly give a green signal for overall a11y health. And, it is always better to run Shopify ADA compliance test automation practices during any integration/custom changes to prevent common accessibility issues. 

While we see Shopify ADA compliance automated testing as an essential part of every Shopify site to scale accessibility, we fully acknowledge that it depends on your targeted audience. 

Shopify ADA

Also, we would like to share the fact that any Shopify ADA compliance accessibility test automation will only identify between 20% and 30% of accessibility issues out there.  Therein, when it comes to accessibility testing, you need a Shopify ADA compliance expert in the testing process.  

HulkApps Shopify ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

Your Content is for People

Just, how we know that good content and SEO strategy will help bring in traffic and ranking, Accessibility follows the same benefits. People will test your Shopify store, and based on their experience, you can either grow from the lead or just miss out on an opportunity. 

Automated Accessibility Testing

Shopify ADA

As the name indicates, Shopify ADA compliance automated testing is automated, meaning even you can carry it out. There are several free and paid tools available, including:

Although these are simple as they sound, it's best to start with a Shopify ADA compliance expert. So, the complete process of Shopify ADA compliance automated testing tools runs a set of scripts checking web content against certain criteria based on WCAG 2.1. 

For example, according to WCAG, every <img> element (an image) has to have an "alt" attribute, meaning people who are unable to view the image should understand what the image is from your alt text.  But, if you go only for automated ADA compliance testing by yourself, you might miss on additional rules.  For instance, the tools can check whether an alt text is available, but they can't check whether the content is relevant. This also applies to links.  So do automation along with a Shopify ADA compliance expert. 

Automated accessibility testing pros:
Automated accessibility testing cons:
Anyone without much accessibility knowledge can run through automated testing. - It's easy 
The tools won't be testing websites or apps against all success criteria listed in WCAG, as some of the guidelines are objective and require human judgment. 
Get your Shopify store ADA accessibility result instantly as the tool can check hundreds of pages in a matter of hours. 
Automated testing can sometimes generate inaccurate or misleading results. 
As some free tools are available, you can easily cut down your accessibility check costs. 
Also, implementing the changes suggested by the tools can be impossible or vague. So it's better to reach a Shopify ADA compliance Expert to implement ADA correctly.


To be effective, ADA accessibility automated testing must be executed thoughtfully, deliberately, and in conjunction with multiple types of testing—including Shopify ADA compliance expert manual testing. 

Apart from that, Shopify ADA accessibility automated testing is forward-looking. When executed early, you can accurately predict how accessible your products will be.

While it is highly efficient, it’s true that a11y automated testing cannot detect ADA accessibility issues. Apart from that, ADA accessibility automated testing can identify issues faster than a  Shopify ADA compliance expert testing. By exploiting its efficiency, we can gain insight into the accessibility of our products.

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