Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus Migration - A Complete Guide

Magento Enterprise Edition erases the boundaries of what is possible, giving you the power to create bold and unique shopping experiences that will transform your business. However, certain things hold you back due to which many online merchants decide to migrate to Shopify Plus. But things can get complicated. So, we decided to make it easy for you with our most delinquent series - The Migration Center.

Let the migration begin!

Why Shopify Plus and not Magento Enterprise?

We can still give you more reasons why Shopify Plus keeps you ahead of the curve in competition with Magento Enterprise. Check the factors- they make sense for every existing Magento merchants.

Dedicated hosting & site security

If your site is built on Magento, you"re already well aware that hosting is not included in your annual fee. You are on your own to find a hosting solution which can cost upwards of $4,500/mo. for multiple, dedicated servers. (Of course, this number also depends on how big your store is and how many resources it requires.)

Shopify Plus is the more cost-effective solution in terms of hosting because of the value received from the features of their hosting solution. For the fee you"ll pay, their hosting offer is top-tier.

PCI Compliance falls on your shoulders

On top of making sure the performance is up-to-speed, you also have to think about your site"s security. With Magento, PCI compliance falls on your shoulders. That means you need to determine what level of PCI compliance your store requires, then make sure your hosting provider has an environment that meets your security needs.

With Shopify Plus, you don"t have to figure out any of the details. Hosting is included in your fee. And all of their sites are, by default, Level 1 PCI compliant. They do annual on-site compliance assessments and continuous risk management, too, so you don"t even have to worry about figuring out those details or maintaining a regular assessment of your site.

Third-Party integrations are a pain

Magento apps are not exactly turnkey solutions. Meaning, the majority of them take a little bit (or a lot) of coding to get up and running. If you have a dev agency, then setting up these apps to run with your store is going to cost you. While Shopify Plus apps are much easier to set up.

First, you eliminate your dependence on your development team. So if you need an app installed for your marketing person to use, he/she should be able to set it up on their own.

Second, you free up these resources for other more important things. Even though an app install may seem like a relatively "small" task, they can quickly turn expensive in Magento.

Compromising Flexibility or Manageability with Magento Enterprise

When you can"t find the app you need in the Magento marketplaces, that means you have to go custom " build your own to fit your needs. Even with Shopify Plus, previously, Shopify Plus clients didn"t have much access to deep customization because Shopify Plus is a hosted platform that didn"t allow FTP or database access. All changes developers wanted to make had to go through the front end or the API.

Not anymore! Shopify Plus has recently released Scripts, which frees up developers to write their own customizations. Shopify Scripts allows developers to "enter" Shopify"s servers and create their own customizations.

Shopify Migration : Bursting the Myths

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Essential considerations as you embark on the Shopify Migration

Take a look at the two most significant suggestions to avoid mistakes in migrating from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus. Know it to make the right migration decisions.

Shopify - Shopify - icon

Manual Migration

The Manual process isn't always so cost-effective as though you think it. Reconsider it if you lack the necessary knowledge and skill to perform the migration because manual migration is time-intensive and error-prone.

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Assisted Migration

The assisted migration services can provide the right performance and results to the merchants. With extensive expertise in migration abilities, HulkApps makes a swift transition to Shopify from Magento Enterprise.

Hire a Migration Team

Data to transfer from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus

Shopify - Help


  • Rapid Shopify Recurring Orders
  • Pixel perfect
  • Mirror Design
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Manually Add
  • Copy Options
Shopify - Help


  • Migrate existing apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
Shopify - Help


  • Copy over
  • Map With Customers
  • Set Order Status
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Notify Customers
  • Re-Activate Profile
Shopify - Help


  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
Shopify - Help


  • Import reviews
  • Map With Products
  • Review App Integration
Shopify - Help


  • Speed improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster - Analytics

Pre-Migration Tips

Get the most efficient pre-migration tips to move WooCommerce to the Shopify platform. Find hand-picked tips from the Migration Center you can leverage to get the migration done effortlessly.


Functions & Aesthetics

Aside from choosing a beautiful layout and aesthetics, functionality and speed are top priorities for the Shopify re-platforming. The modern and stylized homepage should enable an effective customer journey to checkout.


Theme & Code Migration

Both Magento & Shopify are different platforms. As is with code, it needs to be done manually. In the case of theme, drag-n-drop functionality does not work here. Theme from Magento Enterprise has to be re-coded in Shopify Plus.


Migration of App Extension

While migrating over to Shopify Plus from Magento Enterprise, any existing extension or app can be easily migrated over. However, If there is no match, a custom app solution needs to be built, which is cost-effective also.

Post Migration SEO Performance Boost

Switch domain

To improve SEO performances, it is compulsory, you transfer your domain as well.

When you log in to the third-party domain, you can get a code to help you with authorization transfer. Find the domain provider and Choose Unlock.

After this, you can receive an email after 20 days from Shopify. Accept the mail and your domain is ready to go.

Step 1

From your Shopify admin panel, click "Online Store" -> "Domains" -> "Transfer domains".

Step 2

Enter the domain that you want to transfer to Shopify, Click "Next"

Step 3

Click "Verify domain". You will see a "Domain unlocked" message

Step 4

In the Verification code box, enter the authorization code and Click "Next" -> "Buy and transfer"

Unlock the power of Shopify Plus migration

HulkApps features Shopify Plus experts in its arsenal to help you thrive with eCommerce development on Shopify by migrating from Magento Enterprise. Build every essential feature that matters most to your new architecture, enable seamless navigation, and enhanced shopping experiences. Drive your success built on the scalable platform- Shopify/Shopify Plus.

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Checklist for Migrating your online store to Shopify

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