Shopify Facebook Pixel Integration for Facebook Ads

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With Facebook being the top social media used by consumers, strengthen your Facebook ads by adding Facebook Pixel to Shopify, a great way to drive social media traffic to your store.

The Facebook Pixel Shopify integration is a bit of code that will track your store visitors' actions and retarget them accordingly. The pixel integration collects data that helps you test, track, refine your Facebook ads, and build more targeted audiences.

Why do you need to install Facebook Pixel Shopify?

With a whole host of analytics collected from consumers, the Facebook Pixel integration supports you in improving your store's marketing capabilities. Plus, by adding Facebook Pixel to Shopify, merchants like you can capture better sales opportunities from Facebook ads and enhance brand presence.

Shopify Facebook pixel integration is an advantageous way for marketers to remind your store visitors about the choices and actions they leave in various shopping carts across the web.

Not only the pixel integration helps you understand the visitor behavior in your store and retarget them, but you can nudge your customer with some special offers who visit specific pages or take a specific action. The Shopify Facebook pixel integration is useful for conversion tracking. You can learn more in our Shopify Facebook Pixel blog. 

Now that you know the importance of Facebook pixel, it's time to know how to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify in the right manner so that your online store doesn't have duplicate or incorrect data in your reports.

While installing Facebook Pixel, Shopify has its own advantages; getting to add the Facebook pixel to Shopify with the HulkApps will ease your store performance. Also, you can carve out well-crafted marketing strategies to entice your customers.

Benefits of HulkApps Shopify Facebook Pixel Integration support:

With transparency and a dedicated project manager assigned to work your requirements, you can easily manage how you want to add the Facebook pixel to Shopify. For any additional customization apart from the listed, you can connect with our team always.

Facebook to Shopify Integration & Facebook Pixel Tracking
What's included
  • Install & setup Base tracking pixel
  • Conversion tracking on Shopify checkout
  • Basic and Custom events tracking
  • Creating triggers using Google Tag Manager
  • Verification of pixel functions
  • Test screenshots
  • Fix double-counting Facebook Pixel error
Facebook to Shopify Integration & Facebook Pixel Tracking
What's not included
  • Recharge conversions
  • Setup website in Google Tag Manager
  • Debugging errors of existing pixels
  • Set up Facebook Ads Manager Account
  • FTP server configuration
  • Transition from a Custom Audience pixel to a Facebook pixel

More about Shopify Facebook Pixel integration support:

Well, the answer to how to add your Facebook pixel to your Shopify store might sound a little complex. Still, when adding a Facebook pixel to Shopify with HulkApps support, you can collect appropriate data that can assist you in tracking, optimizing, and building audiences for future ads. Furthermore, remarketing is made easier.

This permits you to move forward with your Facebook advertising conversion rate and get way better ROI. Facebook's tracking pixel is most commonly utilized to:

  • Boost a product
  • Increase conversions rate
  • Get some organic traffics to your store

Tracking direct conversions isn't the only beneficial thing about the Facebook tracking pixel. We love the pixel for its ability to actualize retargeting to users over devices. You'll utilize the pixel to retarget users who went to specific pages or completed particular activities on your page.

Having Facebook pixel integrated is not necessarily required if you plan to run Facebook ads; you can introduce the Facebook pixel now as it'll begin collecting information. Therein, when you get started with Facebook Ads, you don't need to experiment or try and wait for the data to optimize; you can be all set to kick it on high notes while creating your first Facebook advertisement.

With a deep understanding of how to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify, we've assisted many Shopify merchants in achieving significant sales growth by building experiences that customers won't forget.

While Shopify helps you modernize your online presence, we support Shopify merchants to grow beyond by letting them know how to set up Facebook Pixel on Shopify and how we achieve it for them.

Working with established companies in creating an experience, HulkApps Shopify experts offer well-thought-out services that adopt proven industry standards and methods to take your businesses to the next level.

Facebook to Shopify Integration & Facebook Pixel TrackingWe refer the Facebook Pixel Helper troubleshooting tool to validate our pixel implementation

Final thoughts:

With many blogs on how to set up Facebook Pixel on Shopify around, you might get inundated. If you need to install the Facebook Pixel online store without duplicity or incorrect data in your reports, connect with HulkApps experts.

HulkApps has all-in-one Pixel Setup services for Shopify to help Shopify store owners, just like you, effortlessly add the Facebook pixel to Shopify and run highly targeted, optimized ads campaigns.

Shopify Facebook Pixel Integration for Facebook Ads

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Simple as launching your store on Shopify, you can install Facebook Pixel via Shopify integration or HTML. Follow these steps to install via Shopify integration.


  1. Connect your store to Facebook Sales channels

  2. In the settings, click on Enable data- sharing toggle of Customer data sharing section and 

  3. Next, select the Standard, Enhance, or maximum option in the Choose data sharing level section

  4. Later, select the pixel from the list or create a new one. 

And to finish the setup, click on Confirm. If you want any support, do connect with HulkApps.

You can add the Facebook pixel to Shopify via the Shopify integration, HTML, or ask HulkApps Shopify experts. To install via Facebook, here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, go to your Facebook Events manager 
  2. Select the required pixel and Click Continue Pixel Setup.
  3. Next, choose Install code manually and copy the code.
  4. Place the code in the middle of the header code of your Shopify store. And that's it.
You can setup/ create Facebook Pixel on Shopify via the Shopify integration or editing HTML code, or ask HulkApps Shopify experts. Kindly read our blog to know more about the installation and support.
Yes, you can set up a Shopify Facebook Pixel purchase event via your Facebook Ads Manager account. Under Event Setup, you can select the Open event Setup tool and get things done accordingly. For best Shopify support, connect with HulkApps Facebook pixel setup experts.

The common four types of Facebook pixel errors in Shopify could be either 

  1. Loading errors
  2. Product ID errors
  3. Installation errors
  4. Errors due to lack of traffic

To support reading or analyzing your KPIs via Facebook Pixel, get support from HulkApps Facebook pixel setup experts.

It can be frustrating if you cannot analyze your KPIs or set up appropriate Facebook ads because of duplicate data. The best approach is to keep the native Shopify Facebook pixel ID in Shopify and remove the Facebook pixel from the Additional Scripts section. If you need any additional support, do connect with HulkApps.


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