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We're dedicated to delivering excellence for our clients. Let's work together to build your store.

Priority Shopify App Support

Need Shopify app's guidance straight from the source? Receive flexible and responsive Shopify app support from HulkApps.

Fastest Reponse Time

Because your agreed priority support based on the turnaround time included in our monthly schedule, we can respond quickly to requests

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager is a single point of contact who will work closely with you to provide consultation and support, and deal with any queries.

As Much Support as You Need

Priority Support Packages start from $39 per month, but you can increase this to as much as you need by upgrading your plan.

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Personalized Support That Knows Your Business

Our team is invested in your success. Let us help you implement & configure our apps to your store without wasting your time with Premium Apps Subscriptions.

  • Create unlimited customizations
  • Apply Bulk Discount
  • Implement Price Adjustments
  • Styling & Display Customization
  • Set up Conditional logic
  • Much more...
  • Create quantity-based discount
  • Implement multiple discount types
  • Apply bulk discounts to products
  • Product Options Customization
  • Create customer tag based discount
  • Much more...
  • Create & embed forms on your site
  • Implement conditional logic
  • Customize the forms
  • Configure responses API
  • Set up Google Analytics tracking
  • Implement advanced styling using CSS and JS
  • Configure Stripe payment
  • Much more...
  • Create unlimited Metafields
  • Implement multi language
  • Import/export Metafields
  • Much more...
  • Integrate theme with the app
  • Set up any number of restock email/SMS notifications
  • Connect to MailChimp, Klaviyo
  • Auto-schedule Promotional Bars & Popups
  • Much more...
  • Integrate Theme
  • Set up any number of restock email/SMS notifications
  • Connect to Mailchimp, Klaviyo
  • Email/SMS template customizations
  • Much more...
  • Integrate Theme
  • Import/export
  • Set up notification emails Reminder, Price Drop, Restock, etc
  • Much more...
  • Integrate with your store theme
  • Configure the app to display Cookie bar
  • Set up Geo-targeting
  • Customize cookie bar to match your store
  • Much more...
  • Creating fully customized popup
  • Set up restriction message
  • Introducing Age validation criteria
  • Implementing page-specific age validation
  • Much more...
  • Track carriers
  • Set up Email notifications
  • Integrate Google Maps
  • Customize form
  • Much more...
  • Create any number of Popups
  • Set up custom notification message
  • Set up Holiday season themes
  • Much more...
  • Create fully customized bar
  • Set up displaying bar at any desired position
  • Set up device targeting
  • Set up page targeting
  • Auto scheduling bars
  • Much more...
  • Build 'n' number of popups
  • Create fully customizable popups
  • Target users based on countries
  • Set up device targeting
  • Much more...
  • Integrate with your store theme
  • Configure the Simple Contact Us Form app
  • Set up Google reCaptcha
  • Set up Admin notification
  • Set up a custom ‘Thank You’ message
  • Much more...
  • Integrate with your store theme
  • Configure the Product Reviews app
  • Set up Admin notifications
  • Manage approvals
  • Set up review layout
  • Much more...
  • Integrate with your store theme
  • Add Trust/Payment badges to your store
  • Implement Cart page display
  • Much more...

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Premium Plan

Pricing built for fast growing businesses. HulkApps will be your long-term partner.

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If Subscription doesn't work for you, try premium peace of mind. The ultimate care, when you need it the most!

Pay Per App

Get everything ready, from code integration, to app configuration, plus, basic personalization to match your theme.

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