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Today’s CEOs and Agencies Face 4 Key Challenges

Minimizing Downtime

CEOs and agencies are under relentless pressure to launch store on time and minimize downtime, often without any allowance in budget to do so.

Complex code structure

Merchants have to execute code implementations incorporating customizations to suit their themes, without risking app conflicts.

Faster time to resolution

Maintaining store’s sales demands always-on site. When any kind of interruptions occur, merchants need faster time to resolution.

Investing in multiple apps and support

Startups are usually limited by budget, to spend money to try out lots of unreliable apps and allow multiple developers in their stores might be risky for smooth running of a business.

Support That Stays Ahead of Complex Programming Challenges. That’s Premium Support.

Keeping up with manual app setup presents a challenge to merchants who are non-programmers, introducing fresh layers of complexity with each snippet placement.

In order to scale up their businesses to meet customer needs, merchants need support services that keep up with heavy customization. Premium Support is a comprehensive, tailored and scalable support solution for Shopify stores running on a large scale.

In a Constantly Evolving Business Landscape

As fast as customer needs are transforming and shaping the modern businesses, so support must adapt to meet fresh challenges.

Ensuring Continuity

Ensuring Continuity

Our Premium Support keeps your business running with 24/7 reactive support, for all our apps across the board. Live Chat Support guarantees that there would be no downtime.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our Premium Support portfolio of named experts and dedicated account managers integrate apps seamlessly into your themes, making your website look professional.

Flexible Packages

Flexible Packages

Our Premium Support portfolio gives you the flexibility to scale and add extra services and expertise as you need them - with a better service compared to the competition.

This means your support contract can grow with your business needs, and you can focus on what matters most—providing excellent products to your customers.

Started to Help Your Business Grow.

Our team is invested in your success. Let us help you implement our apps to your store without wasting your time with Premium Subscriptions.

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Dedicated Account Manager

The first level of personalized problem resolution, your DAM is a senior support manager, who will have ongoing context about the nuances of your business and advocates within developer team on your behalf.

Technical Expert

Your TE is the go-to resource with deep technical expertise, for troubleshooting integration code and creating ad hoc custom solutions, focused on providing customization to match your style.

Pay Per App

Get everything ready, from code integration, to app configuration, plus, basic personalization to match your theme.


Pay one low monthly fee, and we'll send your work right at your time. No more over-paying for multiple apps support.


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