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Welcome to HulkApps Partner Program! Our Partners are helping us grow our footprint in the Shopify ecosystem. We collaborate with industry-leading eCommerce technology providers to extend HulkApps' capabilities with best-in-class solutions for growing their business with quality apps, great support, and unmatched value.

Together, we can expand functionality, reach new audiences, and align our brands while helping merchants scale their businesses locally and globally.

In this playbook, get a closure look to HulkApps Partner Program - an opportunity for providing unmatched value!

  • Program at a Glance
  • How to Earn Benefits
  • Partner Levels and Benefits
  • About HulkApps

Partner Program at a Glance

We know you Love the recurring revenues!
Our partner program is designed to provide you with special benefits and opportunities to scale.


Earn 20% Recurring Revenue from Apps

Get a competitive revenue share on recurring app fees from apps you install on your clients’ stores.


Earn 10% by Referring Services

If your customers need help with small tasks that aren't your primary focus, refer them our Services for 10% commission.


Up to 15% Off on Purchase

We’re here to help you with Shopify resources on your project at a special price.


20% Recurring Revenue on App Subscriptions

Co-sell Our All-in-One Premium Subscription Program for 18+ Shopify Apps by HulkApps

Partner Levels & Incentives


All Partners

Silver Partners

Gold Partners

~ 20% Recurring Revenue every month

Extensive brand exposure on social channels

Reach out to our monthly active users via Newsletters

In-app recommendations for active users

Guest blog + Showcase on Partner page

Share content on our social-media posts (offers/discounts)

Special discounts and early bird offers

How to Earn Benefits

Qualified referrals are:

If partner referrals convert into Premium Subscription members for more than 3 months, you will be able to earn silver and gold partner benefits.

Refer Packages Leads

Over 10 Premium Packages to refer. Each package type comes with 10% on the first project completed by your referrals.

Refer Paid App Plan

Drive installs on Paid apps by HulkApps for stores exceeding trial period, 0 cancellations for 2 months. Earn 20% per app, per month!

Refer Premium Subscription Program

Access to all 18 apps with premium features and dedicated priority support at one price.

Refer development/design projects

Stores that need help with regular, small-medium tasks that aren't your primary focus or you need additional resources.

HulkApps Partners

At least 1 conversion per month

Silver Partners

More than 10 recurring customers each month

Gold Partners

More than 15 recurring customers every month

About HulkApps

Founded by Alen Malkoc in 2012, HulkApps powers successful businesses of all sizes with curated hands-on service, top quality apps, top-notch support, in-house resources around Shopify marketplace.

Let’s work together to help merchants grow.

Learn more at - www.hulkapps.com

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