FSB Free Shipping Bar App vs Competition

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How are HulksApps Master Motivator App better than the competition?

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HulkApps Master Motivator

FSB Free Shipping Bar

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$4.90/mo 14 days

HulkApps FSB Free Shipping Bar App is an excellent plugin that helps every Shopify merchant derive benefits from average order values. Display at multiple positions of the checkout page or the most relevant space you want to lure with free shipping for orders over a certain amount....Read more

Features 4.99/mo
Device targeting checked
Page targeting checked
Geo/Country targeting checked
Auto scheduling checked
Unlimited bars checked
Display positions checked
Bar background images checked
Countdown timer checked
Create goals checked
Promote free shipping offers checked
Schedule goals checked
Auto add to cart free products checked
Fully Customizable checked
Free Gifts box view checked
Basic Support checked
Compatible with Ajax Themes checked
Integration Free
Mailchimp checked
Klaviyo checked
Currency convertor checked
Beeketing checked
Revy Booster checked
Privy checked

You can create 4 types of bars using the app. These are:

  • Email Subscription Bar
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Simple Announcement Bar
  • Countdown Timer Bar

You can create an ‘n’ number of bars using our app.

No, you can not keep 2 different bars "Active" simultaneously. If you activate another bar then the existing bar will be set to "Inactive" automatically.

Please read these instructions to integrate the MailChimp mail services with the application.

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