Hulkapps Free Trust Badge Master vs Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb

What is better Hulkapps Free Trust Badge Master app or Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb? We are here to improve the process of reviewing the best Shopify Trust Badges app for you.

For example, on this page, you can examine the overall performance of the Free Trust Badge Master app and compare it with the overall performance of Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb. You can also match their overall user satisfaction ratings based on the features they serve.

What’s more, research their features in detail to see which Shopify Trust Badges app can better deal with your company’s needs. In general, we're letting our merchants to immediately check the big picture, all the while offering you easy access to the details.

Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews of all popular Trust Badges app in Shopify, but among them, these the Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb caught our special attention. So, let's dive in.

What makes HulkApps Free Trust Badge Master a better pick

Chargeable options

Build Trust

Trust Badges help you make your customers shop with peace of mind.

Chargeable options

Lower Bounce rates

Vastly reduced bounce rates so your customers stay longer, and keep coming back.

Chargeable options

Easy Implementation

The most effective way to increase your conversions, with the least amount of effort.

The forever Free version of Trust Badge Master gives you a great start!

With FREE Badge Master app by HulkApps, you can show visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. Customize your store design with eye-catching and functional payment badges and trust icons to make your store stand out.

The Forever Free Badge Master app lets you display badges on:

  • Checkout page for Plus stores
  • Product pages, any section
  • Footer section
  • Cart page

With Hulk's Free Badge Master app, you can add Premium Trust & Payment badges including full-color and debit/credit card payment badges. If you use custom badges, feel free to upload a custom icon on your store.

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Let us walk you through some of it's smartest features that makes it a better choice than the other apps in the Shopify marketplace.

  • 50+ Trust Seals
  • 150+ Payment Badges
  • Regularly updated library
  • Custom image upload
  • Color picker
  • Mobile visibility control
  • Easy set up - No developers needed!
  • Custom pitch message
  • No fixed layout, shuffle between any (diamond, ribbon, stamp, stamp-ribbon, square and block)

Badges and seals includes:

  • Shipping
  • Payment Badges
  • Special Offer
  • Original Brand
  • Others
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Features you may like from the Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb

Bold Commerce

Choose your desired locations

The app lets you easily customize the location of your payment badges with our new drag & drop editor. Just hover over an area and click.

Bold Commerce

Increase conversions

Built to quickly build trust when your shoppers are making their purchase. It's the easiest way to grow your store's sales.

Bold Commerce

Over 700 payment badges

Choose from the largest selection of payment badges available in Shopify. Every payment badge has 5 design choices to choose from.

The Basic (Free) plan of Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb app lets you

Provides you with 140+ Payment badges to display in your store & drive more conversions.

With the free plan, the app lets you customize the color of the badges you've picked to showcase in your store front.

It also lets you tweak the size of the badges as per your need to match your store theme.

You can also customize the message displayed on the badges with the forever free plan of the app.

Here's what the Premium ($5.99/mo) plan of Free Trust Badge by ShopClimb brings along?

With the Premium plan of the app, you can now easily drag and drop your trust badges nearly anywhere on your store. Just move your cursor over the area you want the badges placed and click. It opens up nearly unlimited possibilities for where your badges can be placed in your theme.

You can unlock over 670 premium payment badges including full-color with multiple design options to choose from.

By Implementing custom CSS, the app lets you easily customize the badges to better match your store.

The Plus ($19.99) version of Trust Badge app by ShopClimb gives you more power.

They say, "You have less than three seconds to build trust with a potential buyer and displaying payment badges is one of the most proven ways to build trust during the customer sales journey."

Hence, with the most exclusive plan of the app, they give you everything at your fingertips! They have a dedicated support team that'll stand by you & help you throughout your journey.

From Installation to setup to almost anything, they are standing right beside you to offer their priority support.

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