Offer subscriptions at checkout, moving beyond one-time sales. You can amplify the power of your subscription, from loyalty and marketing to shipping and reviews within Shopify. Shopify Subscription Plus is a great option to create subscriptions on your Shopify store.

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Abonnement Plus

Key Features of the Shopify Subscription Plus App

Earn recurring revenue while making subscription management easier.

Shopify - Revolutionize Subscriptions

Streamlined Subscription Management

Effortlessly manage your subscription plans, payments, and billing, expanding your business capabilities.

Shopify - Business Visibility

Comprehensive Business Insights

Access vital business metrics like Net Recurring Revenue, active subscriptions, and failed payments through a user-friendly dashboard.

Shopify - Unlock All Options

Customer Self-Management

Empower your customers to control their subscriptions, including delivery schedules, order items, addresses, and payments.

Shopify - Convenient Purchase Experience

Enhanced Purchase Process

Offer options like "Add more subscription items" and "Add more one-time items" for a seamless checkout experience.

Shopify - Pricing models

Versatile Pricing Models

Configure payment plans based on your business model, whether it's upfront payments or pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

Shopify - Competitive Subscription Discounts

Competitive Discounting

Set up discount promotions with percentage or fixed price discounts, along with specific Subscription discount codes.

Shopify - Email Notifications

Customizable Email Notifications

Tailor email notifications to match your brand using the built-in HTML editor.

Shopify - Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Enable customers to manage their subscriptions via a dedicated portal, allowing edits, pauses, skips, product swaps, and payment method changes.

Shopify - Subscription Intervals

Flexible Subscription Intervals

Bill customers weekly, monthly, or annually, or let them choose their preferred billing frequency.

Shopify - Styling Subscription Plus

Widget Customization

Easily edit the Subscription Plus widget's appearance using CSS and display subscriptions in multiple languages.

Shopify - Involuntary Churn

Reduce Failed Payments

Identify and address failed transactions due to outdated credit card information, setting up automatic retry options to recover payments.

Shopify - Manage Subscription Orders

Order Monitoring

Track subscription order details, customer information, product specifics, and order statuses conveniently in one place.

Shopify - Customer Account Management

Customer Account Management

Efficiently handle customer subscription payments, renewals, and orders, complete with tagging and order notes.

Shopify - CSS and JS Customization

Multiple Payment Processors

Accept subscription payments via Shopify Payments, Paypal, and payment processors.

Shopify - Magazine Subscription

Membership Subscriptions

Create selling plans, offer monthly benefits or free products, and customize order frequency and creation days.

Shopify - Price Adjustment

Price Adjustments

Modify product prices on existing subscription contracts for added flexibility, particularly useful for active subscriptions requiring pricing adjustments.

About the Abonnement Plus App

Maximizing Revenue with Subscriptions Advantage

Dive into the diverse world of subscriptions and unlock new avenues of revenue generation. By granting your subscribers the flexibility to choose between single or multiple subscription plans, and by coupling these with one-time purchase products, you can create a dynamic blend of one-time and recurring charges. This innovative approach not only provides an appealing array of options for your customers but also paves the way for endless revenue growth opportunities.

Seamlessly Offer Subscription Products in a Few Clicks

Subscription Plus is more than just a subscription service, it is a tool that allows you to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers. It helps you understand and respond effectively to their complex purchasing behaviors. With the convenience of creating subscription options right at the checkout, Subscription Plus ensures that initiating the subscription process is swift and effortless for your customers. This ease of use, combined with a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and behaviors, will put your business on the path to greater success and higher customer satisfaction.

Self-manage actions covered for our customers:
  • Defer Subscription to Preferred Date
  • Pause/Cancel Subscriptions
  • Delivery Frequency
  • Update Item Quantity
  • Update Variant
  • Swap Items
  • Remove Item from Subscription
  • Apply Discount for an Ongoing Subscription
  • Add More Subscription Items to Increase AOV
  • Add More One-time Items to Increase AOV
  • Update Delivery Address
  • Update Credit Card Details

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